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Blue newbies – new surroundings & new friends?

When Perry & Lennie arrived, they spent a few weeks in quarantine (click here to read that post).  On the 9th December 2016, they were wheeled into the lounge, to the opposite side of the room from their new friends (hopefully), Bezukhov & Dalai.

After some initial surprised chirping, Bezukhov & Dalai quickly reverted to ‘indifference’.

Perry was so shocked, he started panting & was rooted to the spot.  Lennie took the changes in his stride.  As you can see from the video below, Lennie attempted to calm Perry by chewing his toes:


After a short time, Perry began to loosen up & they both started to settle into their new surroundings:


From the photos below, you can see Perry & Lennie’s new position & also how Bezukhov & Dalai carried on as normal!


The nearest Bezukhov & Dalai got to their new roommates was on the window perch.  Alarmingly, they showed no interest at all!

After 6 days, I moved Perry & Lennie’s cage next to the Silver Villa, in an attempt to generate some curiosity.  Naturally, Bezukhov & Dalai spent the day as far away as they could, in the Manor.  You can see their continuing indifference in this video below:


Interestingly, in the week when the blue newbies were the other side of the room, Bezukhov initiated a sleepover in the Silver Villa – the first time since Phinny’s passing – but they were suitably unsettled to revert back to the Manor the following night.  However, when Perry & Lennie’s cage was moved alongside the Villa, despite their apparent indifference to the new boys, Bezukhov & Dalai permanently moved their bedtime location to the Villa.

Despite now sleeping side by side, albeit in separate cages, when Bezukhov & Dalai were out, they did not visit Perry & Lennie.  Dalai appeared completely disinterested.  Bezukhov showed some curiosity but was scared.  It probably did not help that whenever he approached Perry & Lennie, they got so excited they jumped & flapped about their cage, so Bezukhov would fly back to the safety of the Manor.

Patience in these circumstances is a great thing though.  A few mornings after their cages were put together, I witnessed some actual interaction between them:


Now things will surely start moving along!


2 responses to “Blue newbies – new surroundings & new friends?

  1. rosebudgie 22 February 2017 at 09:46

    You have the patience of a saint, Sweetpea. Can’t wait to see how the flock develops!

    Liked by 1 person

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