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Daily Archives: 14 March 2017

Happy 1st Adoption-day, Dalai!!!

Has it really only been one year since Dalai joined us?

Dalai came into our home on the 14th March 2016.  He was, we believe, around 5 months old at the time, putting his birthday (or hatchday) at sometime in October.  As we do not know the exact date that he came into this world, we celebrate the date he came into our lives.

I feel like Dalai has been here for much longer than one year.  I guess it is partly because there have been so many changes.  Dalai is independent & strong-minded & has coped with all that has happened, from initially being a newbie himself, losing his friend Phineas, dealing with Bezukhov when he was sick, & now having two new blue boys on the block.



Happy adoption-day, darling Dalai.

We love you lots!