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Lennie’s Pleasurable Places

This post has been a long time coming & because of that, is quite long & video heavy.  Warning over!

From early on, Lennie began to wiggle & jiggle when & where he could.  He has come across as experimental but it is possible he has just not been fussed & made the most of whatever was available at the required time.  In the following videos you can get a flavour of his open-mindedness.

1st December 2016 – Raffia toy.


14th December 2016 – Perch, holding onto millet.


22nd December 2016 – White seed feeder.


8th January 2017 – Salt lick.


14th February 2017 – Pegged up raffia/paper & white seed feeder (salt lick was moved to a different location in case it caused a problem in his bottom area!)


25th February 2017 – End of rope perch & white seed feeder.


9th March 2017 – Spray of millet.  (Yes, that is what I said, millet!)


18th March 2017 – Remains of the willow ball.


1st May 2017 – Raffia toy in new home (with Perry for company).


17th May 2017 – Top of swing.


As you can see, the white seed feeder was an early favourite that he kept returning to.  However, since moving to the New Villa, those seed pots face the other direction & I wonder if that has prevented him from using them for jiggy purposes (he may have a side preference, like Phineas did).  Either way, he then explored other options & the current preferred pleasurable place is the top of the swing (shown in the last video), which is indulged in several times a day.



3 responses to “Lennie’s Pleasurable Places

  1. rosebudgie 30 August 2017 at 20:15

    My goodness, that boy has energy! 🙂


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