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Bezukhov’s last week

We happily celebrated Bezukhov’s 8th birthday.   We did not know that just hours later things would take a bad turn.

The following morning, on the 28th June, as I uncovered them, I noticed Bezukhov was not himself.  He was quiet & was not eating.  There seemed to be an absence of overnight poops too.  I was concerned enough to call Ms Independent Vet (IV).

After a thorough examination, she suspected he was constipated & could feel a mass that suggested that, along with dried poops just inside his vent.  She administered fluids (orally & by injection under the skin).  Additionally, she gave him an anti-inflammatory injection & a vitamin B boost.  At best, this was simply constipation that would clear within 48 hours.  At worst, something else, something sinister, was causing the constipation.

During the day, I offered lots of different foods: fennel, apple, spinach, basil, celery & millet.  Fennel is his go-to food when not well so it was not a good sign that he refused it.

The following day, he managed a few seeds & a tiny piece of celery leaf & basil.  He seemed quite weak & was constantly fiddling with his bottom area.  At bedtime he ate about 15-20 seeds & also had a slurp of water.

On the 30th, he had slightly more seeds & carried on drinking his water.  He had pooped overnight.  The poops were green & sludgy, so really not good, however it suggested that any blockage was clearing.  He continued to gradually improve, so much so, that the next day (1st July) he started chirping a little & had a brief flirt with Dalai.  He felt well enough to fly over to the playgym & also the window perch.  His poops were still a mess but at least he was pooping.  He was still, in the main, lethargic.  I was still offering all the vegetables listed above, along with broccoli & cucumber.


However, the next day (2nd July), he seemed to take a few steps back.  Ms IV visited & thought he seemed a lot better & brighter than when she last saw him (4 days previous).  Though I agreed that he was better than on the 28th, I explained that he was better the previous day so had got worse again.  She said his insides felt clearer & less blocked.  His poops were still of concern & she wondered if perhaps the constipation had caused bacteria to grow.  I was to collect his poops over the next few days in case it was helpful to send them for testing.  She gave him another anti-inflammatory injection & something for nausea.  She also prescribed antibiotics in water for a few days (given that he seemed to be drinking again, which he was not before).

It was all very confusing & worrying… 

During the day Bezukhov acted strangely.  He seemed very restless, like he did not know what to do with himself.  He seemed a bit hyper.  He could not settle.  It was upsetting.  He was livelier yet not in a good way.  I noticed also that when he perched on my finger his feet felt very hot. In the end, I called back Ms IV.

She took his temperature & said it was off the scale.  She had been taking his temperature on her other visits & it was slightly raised, hence prescribing the anti-inflammatory.  It did not make sense that his temperature had increased.  She said it was critical we got his temperature down.  She gave him more fluids & also a crop feed as he had stopped eating.  She bathed him & splashed water under his wings (apparently there is more skin showing there, so more likely to bring the temperature down).  I was to continue bathing him at intervals to get his temperature down, through the night if necessary (we are having a heatwave at the moment & the nights are hot).  Putting him in a small cage with an ice pack was also an option.

I prepared the travel cage so he could sleep overnight in it with an ice pack.  I bathed him a few times that evening.  Those baths were not appreciated & I felt like I was torturing him.  In the end, I did not use the travel cage.  I had temporarily put him in there after one of the baths, whilst waiting for Perry & Lennie to vacate the Silver Villa (I had not closed the door after getting Bezukhov out for his bath) & he was crawling all over it, stressed.

He calmed down a little as it came to bedtime but things were not right.  He was weak.  At one point I felt like he wanted to go to the bottom of the cage (not a good sign) but sat on my finger for a bit instead.  I felt like we were close to the end, so told him all I needed to say.

As planned, Ms IV came the next morning (3rd July).  Bezukhov had survived the night, though I do not know how.  She gently examined him & said that this time she could feel a pea-sized lump.  He had also passed some blood.


We decided we would not let my little fighter suffer any more.

I cradled him in my hand & once again, told him how much I loved him, how much we all loved him, how he was the best.  I thanked him for everything.  I know that no one is perfect, but in my mind, Bezukhov was as perfect a budgie as you can get… & I told him so.  I also told him everything was going to be fine.

I am convinced that he gave me the okay to go ahead… another sign of him thinking of others.  He really could not have been any better.

Our loss is great.


3 responses to “Bezukhov’s last week

  1. Three Birds and a Cloud 3 August 2018 at 21:40

    Who’s cutting onions in here?

    I’m heartbroken for you. They bring such joy during their lives, but saying goodbye never gets easier.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rosebudgie 4 August 2018 at 13:36

    This is so very very sad … And that picture of Bezukov looking up to the sky from the window perch is heart-breaking. His last glimpse of the sky … But it was wonderful at least that there was an opportunity for you to say a proper goodbye to the dear wise boy …


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