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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Update on Dalai: 45 days

The last time I posted on Dalai’s health (click here), I stated that we had commenced the 45 day treatment for Chlamydiosis.  This ran from the 1st December 2018 to 14th January 2019.  Treatment was the medicine Ornicure, in water for all three: Dalai, Perry & Lennie.

The medicine was made up 1 litre at a time & kept for 7 days in the fridge.  Apart from ensuring the light-sensitive medicine & solution was measured & stored correctly, administration was really no problem at all.  They all drank the water without any qualms.

The difficulty was all the cleaning that had to be done.  The infectious element is shed in cycles so it is important to have an effective cleaning routine.  Given that they have an awful lot of ‘furniture’, I decided to clean most of it once & then store it away & return it at the end of the treatment.  This has meant we have been living a minimalist lifestyle!

In week one, the playgym took 3 days to dismantle & clean & at the time of writing, has not yet been returned.  As I bagged up newly disinfected items, I marvelled at how many pegs they have & how many beads!

Temporarily, I replaced some wooden perches & the rope perches with easy-to-clean plastic perches.  I replaced their chewy toys with plastic toys.  As paper is easy to replace, I used a lot of crinkle paper & curly paper on the toys to generate interest.

They all continued to moult – each losing a tail feather during December.  Intermittently, Dalai would tail bob, so on those occasions I would nebulise him in the travel cage with F10.


A few days after treatment was completed, I arranged another visit from the vet (17th January).  I still had some concerns about intermittent tail bobbing.  The vet checked Dalai over.  His weight was either 45 or 46g.  The vet said that last time she was starting to feel his keel bone so it was good he was back to a healthy weight.  His temperature was also normal, compared to last time when it was slightly raised.  His toenails were fine (no problematic bruising) but were a little long, so they were clipped.  She detected a slight clicking which suggested there was still a lingering respiratory issue.  If linked to the Chlamydia, she said it may take a little longer after the end of treatment for it to clear up.  Because the vet thought Dalai was in otherwise good health & in good spirits, she suggested I continue to nebulise him with F10, as & when the tail bobbing is apparent, but to continue a few days after he improves.

Dalai’s poops 17/1

Dalai’s poops have improved over time.  The initial worrying green colour that prompted the vet to suggest treatment for Chlamydia, has gone.  Of course we still do not know if they had or have Chlamydia, but either way, they all now appear well & happy.

Just so Perry & Lennie were not feeling left out with all the attention the vet was giving Dalai, they both had their toenails trimmed.  Perry, in particular, had a very long toenail that I was concerned about.  Lennie was a very difficult patient & it took the vet & the nurse ages to trim his toenails!

Over the next few weeks I will continue to bring back more of their toys & also the playgym.  I am sure it will not be long before we are completely cluttered again!



Remembering Thomas: Five years on

Five years ago today, our beautiful Thomas made his way to rainbow bridge.

Handsome Thomas


Still in our thoughts & still missed.


2018 Review – Search Terms

This post takes a look at the various search terms that brought people to this blog during 2018.  The most common searches are reflected in posts that had most views (see here).

Search terms related to moulting:

Lennie, Perry, Bezukhov & Dalai

budgie losing feathers on head
budgie pin feathers on head
parakett pin feathers
budgie blood feathers on head
my budgie has a lot of blood feathers on his head

Search terms related to randy budgies:

randy budgie syndrome
what to do with a randy budgie
what does sperm with a lumps in it means — Bird related??
randy bird syndrome
budgie rbs biting
sperm in hand — Bird related??
how do i treat randy budgie syndrome
how to help with randy budgie syndrome
lumps in seman — Bird related??


Many of the other random searches are related to health problems, with questions about droppings, medication & lumps.  It feels sad that people have birds with issues, yet encouraging that they are seeking information & answers.

Interestingly, there was a search for Trill Toppers, which landed on an old post: How to thank a budgie or budgies.  I may be wrong, but a quick internet search indicates that Trill Toppers are still unavailable in the UK.  This means many generations of budgies are growing up with no knowledge of Trill Toppers.  Is this a good thing or bad?

As I have claimed before, it appears that WordPress filters out the stranger search terms, however, one in particular did get through.  I will leave you with this & let you muse how it managed to land on this blog & more importantly, did my blog provide an answer?

word ladder tea to pot


2018 Review – Countries

During 2018, this blog has been viewed by 82 countries.  I have listed them all here, to celebrate shared interests across the globe.

The highest number of views were from the United Kingdom & the United States of America, followed by Australia, then Canada.

We then have:

Lennie, Perry, Bezukhov, Dalai & Tweety Pie

South Africa
New Zealand
Isle of Man

Not forgetting:

Denmark, Belgium, Morocco, Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Mexico, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Poland, Georgia, Slovenia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Serbia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malta
Hong Kong SAR China, Bahrain, Norway, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Latvia, Portugal, Jordan, Thailand, Finland, Brazil, Iceland, Egypt, Bangladesh, Brunei, Israel, Armenia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Nigeria, Croatia, Macedonia, Honduras, Kenya, Myanmar (Burma), Kuwait, Yemen, Lebanon, Argentina, Chile, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Albania, China, Guatemala, Oman, Nepal


I hope all these visitors, from all these nations, enjoyed looking at my very beautiful birdies.  Hopefully, the many poop photos has not put any off of visiting again. 🙂


2018 Review – TOP POSTS

So, 2019 is here.  Now is a good time to reflect on the popular posts of the last year.  For starters, here are the top 5 posts that got the most views in 2018:

  1. Cagney & his amazing pin feathers (November

  2. RBS – Randy Budgie Syndrome (

  3. The ABC’s of budgie noises (

  4. Cage Portfolio (December

  5. Introduction: Stages 6a, 6b, 6c (November

Positions 1, 2 & 3 are posts that are regularly in the top five.  Posts at positions 1 & 2, lead by a substantial amount.  New additions have crept into positions 4 and 5.

Unusually the two posts that have dropped out have been popular for some years, but it appears that in 2018, viewers are not so interested in the welfare of spider plants (Poor spider plant) or have concerns over the noise their birds make (How to keep a budgie or budgies quiet?)!

What will happen in 2019?  And what posts will attract most viewers?

To celebrate the achievements of the top two posts in 2019, here is a throwback picture of Amazing Cagney & Randy Phinny:

Phineas & Cagney landing on playgym

2018 review – Two halves

The year 2018 was rolling along in a pretty ordinary & uneventful manner, when halfway through, Bezukhov left us.  So, it was a year of two halves.


The first half

After doing my routine reviews in January last year, I wrote an important post on emergency evacuation.  It is always a good time to link back to that post – click here.  February was the calm before a snowy March with the Beast from the East & the Mini Beast.  April most probably had lots of showers, but definitely had moults May saw the introduction of new ‘furniture’ with their triangle platform.  June saw us celebrating Bezukhov’s birthday… but our happiness was to take a dive as we entered the second half of the year.


The second half

In July Bezukhov left us to join his friends over at rainbow bridge.

It took awhile to recover & return to something resembling a routine.

Eventually, in October I wrote a series of posts reviewing flock relationships.  In November, Dalai was not quite himself & we have since been keeping our eye on him & monitoring his health (look out for an update post on this).  December returned a little more to normal with news on poops & a prize.


In summary, we suffered a major blow to the flock but we carried on & we continue to carry on.  As always, I hope the coming year will be kind to us & I hope it will be kind to you all too.

Wishing you all a very happy & healthy New Year.

Bezukhov, Dalai, Lennie & Perry