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2018 review – Two halves

The year 2018 was rolling along in a pretty ordinary & uneventful manner, when halfway through, Bezukhov left us.  So, it was a year of two halves.


The first half

After doing my routine reviews in January last year, I wrote an important post on emergency evacuation.  It is always a good time to link back to that post – click here.  February was the calm before a snowy March with the Beast from the East & the Mini Beast.  April most probably had lots of showers, but definitely had moults May saw the introduction of new ‘furniture’ with their triangle platform.  June saw us celebrating Bezukhov’s birthday… but our happiness was to take a dive as we entered the second half of the year.


The second half

In July Bezukhov left us to join his friends over at rainbow bridge.

It took awhile to recover & return to something resembling a routine.

Eventually, in October I wrote a series of posts reviewing flock relationships.  In November, Dalai was not quite himself & we have since been keeping our eye on him & monitoring his health (look out for an update post on this).  December returned a little more to normal with news on poops & a prize.


In summary, we suffered a major blow to the flock but we carried on & we continue to carry on.  As always, I hope the coming year will be kind to us & I hope it will be kind to you all too.

Wishing you all a very happy & healthy New Year.

Bezukhov, Dalai, Lennie & Perry


One response to “2018 review – Two halves

  1. rosebudgie 9 January 2019 at 19:26

    Dear Bezuhkov … always loved, never forgotten …

    Liked by 1 person

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