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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Remembering Bezukhov on his birthday

Today would have been Bezukhov’s 9th birthday.  It will be the first birthday for some time that he will be able to celebrate with his best buddy, Cagney.

I hope they are both having a lovely time over at Rainbow Bridge & that fennel (that they are both enjoying in the video below) is plentiful:


Thinking of you, my beautiful boy.

We love you.



Remembering Cagney on his birthday

Today would have been Cagney’s 9th birthday.  For the first time in a long time, he will be able to celebrate it with his best buddy, Bezukhov.

With that in mind, I have chosen a video of the two of them having a little flirt:

Thinking of you, my lovely, charming boy.

We love you.



Bath time for Dalai

Dalai still likes to have a bath, even if the majority of it is ‘air-bathing’.  Perry sometimes gets excited by this spectacle & considers joining in.


Perry & Dalai


Seasonally Confused

When I mentioned to the vet that the birds were moulting again, she said they were clearly ‘seasonally confused‘.  What a good & descriptive phrase!  It may well apply to humans too, particularly in the UK, with our extremely changeable weather!

Here, we have had a series of mini-moults.  It is never long before there is another flurry of feathers.  Right now though, they are going through a ‘proper’ moult, with tails lost, wing feathers lost & pinny heads.  Not to mention a bit of grumpiness.

However, despite looking like he has been pulled through a hedge backwards, Lennie is the one who tends to stay upbeat through it all, possibly irritating both Dalai & Perry more than he usually does!