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Daily Archives: 3 January 2020

2019 review – A Quiet Year

2019 was a quiet year for us.  No major dramas.  No major upsets.  Life naturally has its ups & downs, as this blog can attest to, so we are grateful for a year where we could roll along in a low-key manner & make the most of the relative calm.

That said (!) this is a blog about budgies, so there HAS to be some drama!

Lennie, Perry & Dalai


We have had various health issues to deal with.  Moults continue to bring Dalai, Perry & Lennie down in varying degrees but fortunately are only temporary & they bounce back ready for the next one.   Dalai is flying again having suffered with losing key flight feathers.  Lennie still struggles with flying as he had not quite recovered from one moult before losing more flights on the subsequent moult.

Unfortunately, in 2019 we discovered that Perry has a lump that still grows.  For now, he is coping fine.

They all get along well & spend the day mooching between the two cages.  At bedtime, Dalai still prefers to be alone which makes sense as he tends to want to hunker down about 4 hours before Perry & Lennie!


So, as usual, we are muddling along but still chirping away!

Wishing you all a very happy & healthy New Year.