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2019 review – Countries

During 2019, this blog has been viewed by 74 countries.  I have listed them all here, to celebrate shared interests across the globe.

The highest number of views were from the USA & the UK, followed by Canada, then Australia.

We then have:


Not forgetting:

Latvia, Macedonia, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Croatia, Taiwan, Egypt, Thailand, Brazil, Macau SAR China, Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Cayman Islands, Georgia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Russia, Mauritius, Malta, Kuwait, Colombia, Indonesia, Tanzania, Costa Rica, South Korea, Belgium, Trinidad & Tobago, Austria, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Chile, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Morocco, American Samoa


I hope all these visitors, from all these nations, enjoyed looking at this birdie blog.  No doubt some visitors were accidental, especially when looking at the random search terms (consequence of writing about Phinny & his randiness!) but maybe they appreciated the photos & stories anyway! Hopefully, the love of our feathery companions continues to be shared worldwide. 🙂

Lennie, Perry & Dalai



2 responses to “2019 review – Countries

  1. rosebudgie 6 January 2020 at 19:48

    Perhaps next year the blog will also be visited by extraterrestrials – surely budgies are popular all over the galaxy!

    Liked by 1 person

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