Remembering Dalai on his adoption day

Dalai came into our home on the 14th March 2016.  He was, we believe, around 5 months old at the time, putting his birthday (or hatchday) at sometime in October 2015.  I never dreamt that he would not be here for the 2020 celebration of his special day.  Despite the sadness, I will take this opportunity to share some photos…

During quarantine, Dalai was self-assured & calm:


He made good friends with Bezukhov & Phineas:


Dalai was not always swayed by flock mentality & if he wanted to do something or be somewhere different to the others, he would go ahead & do it.  This photo shows him, in the early days, not returning to the cage for bed & Bezukhov & Phineas coming out to join him:

Bezukhov & Phineas join Dalai to all snooze on the plant pot stand


He had more in common with Lennie that I think he would care to admit:


Dalai was not overly giving to others (flirting aside) though was witnessed caring about Bezukhov when he was poorly:

Dalai sitting with Bezukhov


Despite the above, Dalai would openly preen Perry’s head & was doing this even in his last days when he was unwell:


Dalai was a big presence… much admired & much loved.



Missing you very much, Dalai darling.

Thinking of you.