First wild seeding grass of 2020

Despite the current chaotic conditions across the globe, & talk of a ‘new normal’, we were pleasantly surprised to start receiving supplies of fresh, wild grass from amazing follower rosebudgie!  These have been gratefully received by Perry & Lennie.  It is a joy to watch them tucking into something they would naturally eat in the wild.

All the deliveries so far….

Thanks go to our postal service!


Here are Perry & Lennie tucking in:

Thank you rosebudgie!!




3 thoughts on “First wild seeding grass of 2020

  1. rosebudgie

    It is criminal that the government is doing absolutely nothing about getting all this wonderful May-time grass into the beaks of budgies throughout the nation!

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      1. rosebudgie

        Yes! Let Dominic Cummings be promoted to Budgie Tsar (so long as he’s not let anywhere near innocent budgies)!


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