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Moriarty Milestones: Wild Grass

It is very possible that prior to Moriarty coming here, he had not had wild, seeded grass.

When the first grass of the season came through my letterbox, courtesy of very kind & generous follower, rosebudgie, my first thought was “wow, what an amazing surprise”, followed quickly by, “I wonder what Moriarty will make of this?”


Lennie wasted no time & tucked in immediately.  Perry was a bit reticent, like he had forgotten what fresh grass was, but this did not last long & he too, tucked in.  This left Moriarty, a bit bemused, wondering what his two friends were doing!  He circled around for a bit but eventually curiosity got the better of him & he tried it.  Unsurprisingly, he found he liked it.  Then he was running around like a demented fly, trying to eat all pieces that were pegged up!


Thank you, rosebudgie.  The fresh grass is much appreciated, especially by newcomer to the experience, Moriarty!



6 responses to “Moriarty Milestones: Wild Grass

  1. rosebudgie 9 May 2021 at 10:07

    It’s such a joy to see a budgie (or three) tucking into the Wild Grass of Wiltshire – more of it should be harvested and distributed to non-Wiltshire budgies by law!

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  2. rosebudgie 9 May 2021 at 20:32

    A pity James Hunt isn’t still around to lay down some laws!

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