A Bad Night


Perry has continued to have seizures.  😦

Since my last update on these at the end of last year (click here to read that post) he had another turn on the morning of the 28th January.  There was then over a four month gap before I witnessed any more, giving me some false hope.  They resumed in June, on the 10th, 22nd, 23rd, then the 28th July (all, interestingly, around 10pm-midnight).

The seizures are distressing to see & can encompass one or a few of the following: twitching, jerking, rolling around, trembling, quivering/vibrating wings, making a metallic sound, disorientation.  Mostly, he will either have just one, then recover, or at worst, one or two within 2 hours.  However the last time, on the 28th July, they were more intense & frequent.  He had one at midnight, then again at 1am.  I stayed up until about 3am, then retired to bed thinking he will be alright, but when I checked on him at 5am, he was sitting on the bottom perch, & had clearly had another turn in that gap.  He had another half an hour later, where he was turning in tight, clockwise circles on the floor, then the last at around 7am when he held onto the perch but was tipped precariously backwards, until he fell.  It took him all day to recover – he was very still & only ate a little.

I thought it best to get him checked by the vet (in the next post).