Perry’s last week

Perry’s last week was actually pretty uneventful.

We continued giving him medication twice a day.  The morning slot was usually around 10-11am.  The evening slot was more fluid & largely dictated by whenever the opportunity presented itself.  In his last week Perry was having it around 7-8pm.

Perry resting on one foot

Perry continued to eat well, but never did return to eating from the seed pots.  During the daytime when he was mostly in Moriarty’s cage, I would offer either millet spray, or seed in the little red pot.  He continued to eat various vegetables & apple, when offered.  He would nap during the day, sometimes quite heavily, usually sitting on the branch perch on the far left hand side.  When he woke up, he would jump to the big horizontal perch, at which point Moriarty would appear to give him kisses. It was usually the time I offered food & also water.

When Perry retired back to his & Lennie’s cage in the evening, he would initially snooze on the branch perch, & Lennie would often take the opportunity to gently preen him. After a snooze, he would make his way to the triangle perch, where he would eat from the pegged up millet.  Perry was always a late eater, known in the past for snacking from the seed pot at midnight.  He continued with his late eating, often chomping away at the millet until 11pm.  I would leave a part of the cover up so I could spy his movements – if he moved to the left hand side of the triangle perch, that usually indicated he wanted some water, which I then offered.

Lennie preening a sleeping Perry

Mostly, Perry would roost on the far right hand side of the big horizontal perch, that had multiple layers of vet-wrap to soften it for his feet.

Perry was good at conserving energy.  In the mornings, the routine was to get Moriarty out first & whilst he was greeting Perry & Lennie through the bars of their cage, I would give his cage a quick clean.  The last task was to take his seed pot into the kitchen to ‘dustbust’ the breakfast seed husks away. When I returned it, that was when Perry usually started to stir as he knew I would open their cage up next.  He knew there was no point jumping about until I had done that seed pot!

Perry & Moriarty flirting

Previously, I would open the little door & he would make his way into Moriarty’s but in later months, with mobility being hampered, he would step up & I would transport him myself into Moriarty’s.  I would lock them both in for a morning flirt & bonding session, whilst I sorted out Lennie’s cage, at the same time, thanking Lennie for looking after Perry overnight & telling him he did a good job.

Then it was time for Perry’s morning medication. He was very much inspired by Moriarty also eating the vegetable that I hid the medicine on, so there was much chicanery going on with getting Perry to eat the ‘loaded’ piece of vegetable & making sure Moriarty did not.  A similar feat went on in the evening, with Lennie inspiring Perry to eat the food.

Certainly I could not have looked after Perry as well in his later months without Lennie & Moriarty’s assistance.


On Perry’s last night, I checked on him, via the baby monitor, before turning my bedroom light off at 2am.  I saw him, with his back to the camera, on the mid-height rope perch which suggested he had either had a seizure & had recovered (hence being on the perch) or had clumsily fallen.  I watched for a few minutes, then saw him give himself a shake then make his way up to the top perch (under the cover).  All seemed to be okay at that point.  I woke at around 4am & checked the monitor again.  This time, Lennie appeared to be on the mid-height perch (seemed odd) but after about 15 minutes, he too made his way back up.  Once again, I thought all was okay & went to sleep.  I found Perry the next morning, laying peacefully on the floor.

On reflection, I wonder if something had happened to Perry at 4am (hence Lennie being on the lower perch) but he was not visible due to his position being obscured by the double thickness of the cage door frame & door itself.  Or maybe not.  Either way, there did not appear to be any major disturbance aside from a fall.  A seizure episode would have likely knocked all seed/feathers from the cage floor, but there was no evidence of this.  I choose to believe his end was peaceful & calm.

I will leave you with the last video I took of Perry, six days before he left us:



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