Final review of Perry’s health issues

Well, this will be quite a long post!  Despite Perry’s chilled personality, he managed to collect quite a few health issues over the years.


The first significant problem was encountered in March 2019, when the vet noticed a lump during an examination, prompted by some weird head shaking that went away quickly of its own accord. (Click here for that post).

Later that year, in October, Perry exhibited some mobility problems.  On examination the vet noticed some bruising on his upper leg. His lump was still there, but growing outwards. (Click here for that post).

The first seizure witnessed was in May 2020 (Click here for that post).  I had hoped it was a one-off but they returned the following month, which is when the vet was consulted (Click here for that post).  The seizures carried on & the vet did various tests, with one of them indicating that he was borderline Diabetes – perhaps the reason why his water intake had increased. (Click here for that post).

The end of 2020 & into 2021 saw the drama of Perry’s first abscess.  This particular part of his health journey was detailed over four posts: A bath, the travel cage & a raisin, Holiday Emergency, Wait & See & Bizarre drama.

Perry & millet

Perry remained relatively stable until a one-off drama in November 2021 with a broken blood feather & lots of blood!  (Click here for that post).  Beak trims for Perry began during 2021, which suggested a liver problem (also a possible cause of the seizures).

A swollen knee joint in February/March 2022 was added to Perry’s list of ailments.  (Click here for that post).

Unfortunately, the frequency of Perry’s seizures increased over the summer of 2022.  By October, I had decided to give him anti-seizure medication. There are potential side-effects to this, so I had to weigh up the pros & cons. Around this time, the vet also suspected Perry had heart failure.  (Click here for that post).

The anti-seizure medication appeared to help regarding the seizures.  You can see the pattern in the tables at the end of this post.  Two of the seizures in December were attributed to a couple of preceding days where Perry refused his medication, otherwise, they pretty much went away… until they returned in February.  This may have been due to another growing lump on Perry’s belly (Click here for that post) & his second abscess.  (Click here for that post).

Red sore on underside of foot

Mobility problems most probably contributed to red sores (potential beginning of bumblefoot) under both of Perry’s feet, noticed early on in the year, hence wrapping perches with ‘vet wrap’ to cushion them & putting Sudocrem on my finger prior to him stepping up, to get some on his feet.

Perry was a cheerful & contented soul.  He got on with everyone – he loved his ‘brother’ Lennie & was energised by Moriarty.  He was equally good friends with both Bezukhov & Dalai.  Despite all his health issues, Perry soldiered on without complaint & made the best of bad situations.  Towards the end I half expected him to go on forever…. so it was a shock that he did not.  That said, I am sure he continues to be a thoroughly wonderful bird over at Rainbow Bridge, catching up with old friends & making new ones.

Final log of Perry’s seizures (click to expand):

Table 1: Perry’s seizure log for 2020
Table 2: Perry’s seizure log for 2021
Table 3: Perry’s seizure log for 2022
Table 4: Perry’s seizure log for 2023



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