Lennie’s Last Day

Following on from my previous post (click here), we had a 1pm appointment with the vet on the 17th of March, which meant another 50 minute car ride which seemed extra bumpy this time (click here to read about the previous vet visit).  On examination, Lennie had lost 2g (now 60g) & also had a temperature.  This mirrored when he was ill in October 2021 (Click here to read that post). This time, along with a crop feed, the vet administered antibiotics & an anti-inflammatory to get his temperature down.  I was also given these medications to give to him from the next day.

Lennie in travel cage

We arrived home around 14:20.  I got Lennie back into his cage where he settled on the triangle perch.  Moriarty briefly went in to say hello, but seemed to understand that Lennie did not really want to be disturbed.  It was about an hour later when I noticed Lennie was on the platform perch.  I was not too concerned as he used to like to sit there & play with the chewy toy.  At one point, Moriarty went over to the platform perch to chat with him.  However, as time went on, something did not seem right.  It looked like Lennie was there because the flat platform was more comfortable than a perch.  By 4pm, I was seriously worried.

I will skip over the more distressing aspects, suffice to say, I knew the end was coming.  By 16:45, I was holding Lennie in my hands & telling him that we loved him.  I told him that I had loved every second of his stay here.  I thanked him for being such a wonderful boy.  I did not want him to prolong any agony by resisting the inevitable, so towards the end, I told him it was ‘time to rest’.  At 17:10, he died.

My beautiful boy left us.  Just 19 days after his beloved friend Perry.

While this was happening, Moriarty was in his old cage, beside his mirror, completely silent.  Immediately after, when I went over to him, Moriarty looked concerned & worried.

He knew he had lost another friend.


We love you, Lennie.

So sorry you could not stay longer, but at least you are reunited with your best friend, Perry. 💙💙

Lennie & Perry


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