Welcome to the new boys

Please say hello to our two new boys, Frediano & Finkleberry!


As mentioned in my previous post (click here), on Tuesday the 14th of March I rescued two birds.  At the time, they were to be friends for Lennie & Moriarty, after the loss of Perry.  The advert for them caught my attention as it said that the birds were ‘not getting on with the cats‘.  They were apparently a male & female, though the photos were not clear enough to confirm.


The handover was a little stressful as they were transferred into my travel cage whilst two cats prowled around the open plan room. Information about them was vague but I gathered they had had them for about a year.  Due to the cats, they had not been let out to fly.  Seed was their only food, of which I took some home to help with the transition.  I was also given a mirror toy that I threw in my bag.

At home, the folding cage was already set up for quarantine in my bedroom.  Their seed was low quality so I did not mix it with my own seed.  Once in the quarantine cage, they quickly found the seed & were eating it without any problems, so I discarded the box I was given.  They also found the millet spray.  The boys seemed relatively okay, but quiet.  Oh, & yes, it turned out they were both boys!


Because of the radical change for them, I left them alone as much as I could, so they could ‘decompress’, only disturbing them to change seed & water & change the bottom paper in the pull out tray. As it turned out, Lennie became ill at this time, so my attention was focused on him.

Frediano & Finkleberry

I think you will agree that they are very handsome boys!



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