Quarantine Milestones

It is always interesting during quarantine to see how birds cope with their new environment, what they make of new things & experiences.  Frediano & Finkleberry were certainly in a bigger cage than before, with more toys, so any signs of curiosity or exploration were always good to see. Here are some of the milestones I witnessed during their quarantine weeks.

Finkleberry was the first to check out the dried grass.


It took awhile, but the curly paper was finally accepted as an absorbing activity.


Frediano was the first to try out the see-saw swing & liked to sit there & preen.


Frediano was the first to touch the cuttlefish & later actually tried some. I have yet to see Finkleberry have any.  The salt lick was totally ignored.

Frediano & the cuttlefish


The fresh green spinach leaf was immediately investigated by Frediano who was delighted with it!  Finkleberry followed suit later on.


As for other vegetables, broccoli & fennel were touched but not eaten.  Baby corn was happily shredded by Frediano – it is debatable if he actually ingested any!



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