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Explanations of terms, acronyms & general weird things…

ttmss swing

Puddings on the ttmss swing

This term is used widely in this blog & refers to Atilla’s teeter-totter-mirror-see-saw swing.  It is just a way to distinguish that particular swing from the other swings.  The swing basically has two perches astride a double mirror.  This quickly became a firm favourite of the puddings due to the fact they could sit together….. yet apart…  In recent times it has become Atilla’s terroritory.  Naturally her boyfriend Cagney has complete run of it (he even tries to sit on the side that she is sitting on that I don’t think she appreciates too much).  Raspy will sit on it when the toyboys are out gallivanting around the lounge & very briefly, it is like old times with just her & her sister on it.  When Atilla gets off, Bezukhov will often go & sit on it & babble at the mirror but gets off when she returns.

the Ferplast

Ferplast abandoned for the Manor

The Ferplast is their Record 6 cage (older version of the new piano 6).  This was the girls’ first home.  It was later swapped for the Manor (see below).  The toyboys spent their quarantine days in the Ferplast.  It has also been used when any of them have to be temporarily separated.  At the time of writing it is available in the same room but is only used for the odd explore inside & lots of running across the top.

the Manor

First day at the Manor

The Manor is “Montana Manor”, the Montana San Remo cage that the girls moved into in June 2009 & now share with their toyboys.

This is left intentionally blank

This is left intentionally blank

This is left intentionally blank

 the loft area

Loft area

The loft area is the domed part of the Manor.  This is where they typically sleep of a night.

 Mr EV

Mr EV is Mr Exotic Vet.

 Mr AV

Mr AV is Mr Avian Vet.

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