Atilla the Hen ~ otherwise known as “Atilla”

5th August 2008 – 13th September 2012

Atilla is the eldest in my flock & it seems, the boss. 🙂

Atilla has turned out to be a very cool girl. She has lots of style (might be the exhibition budgie gene in her). She is very focused and determined. When she eats, she eats and nothing distracts her. When she chews, she chews and nothing distracts her. She does not overly exert herself (why break out in a sweat – very uncool!)

She loves her mad sister Raspy and is not afraid of teasing her by lunging at her, chewing her tail or just jumping onto the perch at the very place where she is sat. She loves her bath and mistings and will happily get drenched. She particularly likes rolling around in wet dill whilst being sprayed with water. Chewing is a great pastime and the cuttlefish bone, wooden sticks, paper and cardboard loo roll insert all get lots of attention from her.

She is not afraid of voicing her opinions, very loudly and has been called “Mouthy” on occasions!

She is one, very, cool, dignified gal!

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