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Tales from Quarantine (1 of 8)

Moriarty coped with quarantine (Oct/Nov 2020) well but it was clear he needed lots of attention.

When his previous owners brought him in, & the cover was raised, there he was, swinging away, seemingly not bothered about the move.  That first sight of him made me think he would take most things in his stride.  As for the elephant in the room…. yes, he has a similar colouring to our dearly departed Bezukhov but in real life perhaps a greener shade.

Moriarty’s foot

His cage originally had 3 cement perches & a cement platform perch, along with a wooden perch & a wooden platform perch.  I replaced the cement perches with a variety of wooden ones (there is nothing wrong with cement perches but ideally they should not be the main perches & not used as a roosting perch).  I did notice a small red/orange spot on the underside of one foot which might have been the start of an irritation – it disappeared quickly.  You will see from the photo posted here that the toenail on his short, forward toe angles inwards.  The odd angle has not caused any noticeable problems.

As far as toys, he had a lovely swing with colourful, wooden beads, a mirror, a chewy toy with a bell at the bottom.  I should note that the swing has two bells at the bottom – it was quickly apparent that he loves shiny things!  I added some more toys, such as the rings, the disco ball (ultra shiny!) & a paper rope toy, along with some dried grass for further stimulation.


He was not scared of hands so though not tame, was not worried about me entering his cage to make all these changes.  In fact, he had quite a bite on him but I think that may have lessened with the introduction of more toys to keep his beak busy!

The seed situation was curious as he had one of those gravity seed fountains mounted in one of the cage gaps for the incorporated seed bowls.  Though he would perch on it, I never once saw him eat a seed from it!  He had millet, so was not starving but at times when there was no millet, he still did not eat the seed.  (It had an area underneath that collected the husks so I could see if he ate any).  Given his love of shiny things, I put in a stainless steel bowl with seed & he immediately took to eating from that.  Knowing he was eating the seed mix, I could start rationing the millet!


I also put in a water bottle along side his water fountain in the hope he would use it.  During quarantine he never quite understood it was for drinking water, but was fascinated watching the bubbles go up the bottle as I pressed the water end.  He also got quite attached to the shiny spout, often having long chats with it!



Blue Birds

Please welcome the new additions to our little flock!

Blue birds

Blue birds


These two beautiful blue birds came into our home on the 14th of November, at approximately 8 weeks old.  Last week, after just under 4 weeks quarantine, they were wheeled in to the same room as Bezukhov & Dalai.  I am giving them time to acclimatise to their new surroundings before letting them out.  Bezukhov & Dalai are also adjusting to having new blood in their midst!

I am enjoying getting to know their personalities & have yet to decide on names.  My hope is that all 4 will be happy together. 🙂


Arrival of the boys

On Sunday the 24th October 2010, I picked up the two young lads from a local breeder. She had three ready to go and I could pick two of them. One was a female which fortunately meant I did not have a choice. However, Bezukhov was the first to look up at me with his big, baby black eyes and I was immediately smitten!

Cagney had been partly hand-reared so was quite friendly. In fact, they were both sociable, lively and noisy – all good signs. Cagney’s father was apparently a failed rainbow budgie so Cagney has some interesting colouring. Bezukhov is basically the same colouring as Raspy but a normal rather than an opaline. He’s also more of a blue shade whereas Raspy has more green.

They went into quarantine in my bedroom for a few weeks. This would help them to acclimatise and also, hopefully, get used to me. They were never afraid of hands so were quite quick to eat from my fingers. After a few days they were both happily dancing on the palm of my hand.

The toyboys on their first day

Birth of the boys

On the 23rd June 2010, Buzz Cagney was born. Four days later on the 27th June 2010, Norman Bezukhov was born. They are from different clutches.

Arrival of my girls

On the 21st September 2008, I picked up my girls from a breeder in West London. They are both opalines. Atilla is a grey-green yellow face and Raspy is sky blue yellow face type 2.

They were in a separate cage in the birdroom.  I was shown how to hold them. Atilla drew blood! (Sign of things to come.) They pooped on my hand and on my boot. (Another sign of things to come!)  On the drive home, they sat quietly on the back seat, with the occasional tweet. On arriving at their new home, there were a few cheeps whilst I moved them off the back seat of the car.  Once in their big cage, they were quiet and hardly moved but I gave them time to settle.  Within a few days they were exploring and becoming the Atilla and Raspy I know so well today.

Atilla & Raspy on day two in their new home

Birth of my girls

On the 5th August 2008, Atilla the Hen was born.

Baby Atilla

Two days later on the 7th August 2008, her sister, Rasputina Campbella also came into this world.

Baby Raspy