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Wild Grass 2017 (Part 3 of 3)

As previously reported (click here), we have had an abundance of wild grass deliveries this spring & summer.  This is thanks to kind follower rosebudgie & her sharing sausages.

Sadly, at the beginning of July, Marshall left the embrace of his family: brother Ian & his devoted carer, rosebudgie.  With enormous strength of character, Ian carried on sending wild grass.  Seeing only the name ‘Ian’, for the sender, was a poignant moment.


Since then, however, a fellow budgie has been drafted in to help him, & follower rosebudgie, with their sadness.  Eric has given them comfort & cheer & has been gracious enough to help Ian send more wild grass:


It is astonishing that through all their recent trauma, follower rosebudgie & Ian have continued to think about others & to share their bountiful wild grass.  We thank them unreservedly.

You can see here how much Bezukhov, Dalai, Perry & Lennie enjoy the grass:


This post is dedicated to Marshall.




Wild Grass 2017 (Part 2 of 3)

Continuing on from my previous post (click here), you can see many more of the deliveries of wild grass from kind follower rosebudgie and the sharing sausages:



Here are more photos of Bezukhov, Dalai, Perry & Lennie enjoying the wild grass:


Many thanks to follower rosebudgie & the sharing sausages.


Note: Since these parcels were delivered, dearly beloved Sausage Marshall took off on an adventure of his own.  This post is dedicated to him.



Wild Grass 2017 (Part 1 of 3)

The parcels of wild grass from kind follower rosebudgie & the sharing sausages started arriving in April.  There have been many, many deliveries since – so many, that I am reporting the details in a series of separate posts.


Here are the boys tucking in to their special treat:


As you can see, the wild grass deliveries have been greatly appreciated by Bezukhov, Dalai, Perry & Lennie.



Wild grass x 5 + millet x 1

Follower rosebudgie & her sharing sausages have been busy parcelling up goodies.

The postman has been busy delivering goodies.

Bezukhov, Phineas & Dalai have been busy eating the goodies that have been sent:


Thank you, rosebudgie & the Sharing Sausages!!!


An out-of-season treat… again!

About 3 weeks ago, we received a very welcome parcel of wild, seeded grass (click here for post).  This was a major surprise as it was out-of-season.  A few days ago, we received an even bigger surprise in the post – more wild grass!  Although the parcel was addressed to Dr Phinny Fog he very graciously shared the contents with Bezukhov.  Given that winter is virtually upon us, that must surely be the last of the grass?


Thank you, rosebudgie & the Sharing Sausages!


Impersonating a Toyboy

I am not sure which is worse, impersonating a Toyboy or impersonating a Doctor.

I had to do both!

Something for you

Something for you

Dr Charming Cagney

Dr Charming Cagney

In May, I posted about the arrival of fresh, wild, seeded grass in familiar yellow parcels, from our very kind followers Ian & Marshall & their devoted slave, rosebudgie.  Since then, we have had more welcome deliveries.  Unfortunately, I missed the post one day & was left with a “Something for you” card.  Only it was not for me; it was for Dr C Cagney!  From that, I deduced our fresh grass was sweltering in its plastic yellow envelope somewhere in the local collection office.

The parcel could not be collected until the next day but worryingly, along with the “Something for you” card I had to take proof of identification, which could be a valid passport, driving licence or debit/credit card.  To my knowledge, Cagney has none of these things!  Should I take my own ID & hope the post office worker did not notice I was not a doctor & also my name was not Cagney?

Well, I had no choice, so embarrassingly that was what I had to do.  The man behind the counter predictably asked for ID.  I gave him my driving licence.  He looked at it once.  He looked at it twice.  Then he looked at me & said, ‘The name doesn’t match‘.  At which point I crumbled & confessed that the parcel was not for me it was for my budgie, Cagney, who it seemed, was a qualified doctor.

With luck, he was no jobsworth, so after a little laugh, he handed the familiar yellow parcel to me & wished Cagney well.

Order was restored.  Wild grass, after given some air & freshened up, could be consumed.

Here, to date, is all the grass they have feasted on:

Thank you, rosebudgie & the Sharing Sausages!

Familiar yellow parcels

The wild, seeded grass is back!  Our very kind follower rosebudgie has sent the first wild grass of 2015.

The yellow parcel was a familiar & very welcome sight.  It arrived on the 30th April & was address to the ‘Reverend Sensible Bezukhov’.   This was followed six days later (6th May) by the second parcel addressed to ‘Sir Charming Cagney’.  The third followed seven days later (13th May) & was for the ‘Rt Hon Phineas’.


As predicted, the Toyboys & Phineas were initially dumbfounded as to what these strange green things were that I was waving about with excitement, but they soon remembered the delights & it did not take long for them to tuck in.

I pegged the grass out in six different places but naturally they all wanted the piece the others were eating.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Here they are in action:

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Reverend, Sir and a President

Since I last reported on the delivery of wild grass, there have been a further five deliveries!

Phineas received two of the parcels, Cagney two of them & the other parcel was addressed to them all.

Cagney’s parcels were addressed to ‘C Popular’.  He certainly was very popular on those days when it came to handing out the grass he had received!  I am assuming his title on one of the parcels of “Rt Hon” is in reference to his popularity, i.e., it is right that he is popular & he has become honorable through his popularity…

One of the other parcels was addressed to ‘The Very Revd Phineas’.  This was not a complete surprise as he had been addressed as ‘Rev’ before, but he had clearly become more holy with the addition of ‘Very’.  Intriguingly, it was ‘President Marshall’ who had sent Phineas the grass.  I knew of Sausage Marshall’s President status but was surprised to see him brazenly using it as a return address on the parcel.  However, I suspect he did this to ensure the grass was delivered in double-quick time so it was as fresh as possible.  It worked.

The last parcel to mention, was also delivered to Phineas but address to ‘Sir A Phineas’.  I assume A is for ‘Adorable’.  Or is it Annoying?  Either way, the parcel added to the confusion of how to correctly address Phineas.  Which is correct, Revd or Sir?  Perhaps they both are.

They have certainly enjoyed tucking into the grass!


Thank you, rosebudgie & the Sharing Sausages!

Wild grass x 4

Since I last reported on the delivery of May Day wild grass, there have been a further four deliveries!

One of these deliveries coincided with the Spring Bank Holiday (26th May), continuing with the theme of eating wild, seeded grass on a bank holiday.  Unbeknownst to my little grass-addicted darlings, I have frozen some in the hope of defrosting for future bank holidays, particularly those that will, in normal seasonal circumstances, be grass-free.

The first of these parcels was addressed to Dr Bezukhov (I am not sure when he got his doctorate…)   The second parcel was addressed to Cagney & was from the very generous Sharing Sausages, Ian & Marshall.  The third parcel was for ‘Reverend Phineas‘ – also from Ian & Marshall.  I was a little taken aback by Phinny’s new status.  It suggested he had become ‘holy’ which is probably why I was surprised.  However, the following parcel was also addressed to Phineas but had reverted to a simple ‘Mr’.  I can only assume the previous title of ‘Reverend’ was the result of a slip of budgie claw on a keyboard.

Nevertheless, however the parcels have been addressed, the deliveries have been thoroughly appreciated & enjoyed. 🙂

Here is Bezukhov indulging in grass served up by Tweety-Pie:

Here are Cagney & Phineas munching away:



Thank you, rosebudgie & the Sharing Sausages!

May Day Grass

Previously, I had posted that just before Easter, Phineas had received wild grass in the post.  Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas thoroughly enjoyed eating it throughout the holiday.  But would the next UK holiday, May Day, be just as tasty?  It was!  They received more delicious seeded grass!

Phineas enjoying the grass:

All enjoying the wild grass:



Thank you rosebudgie!