Delicious dill

It has been some time since I have bought dill. In fact, after a little research, it looks like the last time we had dill was in November 2012 (see here) when I gave some to the Toyboys. Phineas was still in quarantine at the time & I do not have a record of having given him any or actually any remembrance of such an event.

Anyway, the other day, we had dill.

Oh gosh.  Does Phineas like dill?  Or does Phineas like dill?!  Phineas loves dill!!!

I pegged it up in a few places & even put some in the Thomas bath (sadly unused as a bath since Thomas’s passing).  Cagney & Bezukhov nibbled on some which let Phineas know it was edible.  From the first bite he was hooked.  He just could not get enough.  Every time I looked at him his head was down, chewing away!


Here he is in action:


Picked, parcelled & posted

Another surprise treat was received today! 

Once again, Rosebudgie & her boyz Ian & Marshall have picked, parcelled & posted more wild grass……

…AND some fresh, medicinal dandelion leaves!  They look so much fresher & more delicious than the polluted city version.

I gave them dandelion leaves first, which they all chomped on.  Here is Cagney tucking in:

Thank you Rosebudgie. 🙂

Finally, a proper wash!

Their dill misting was long overdue.  So much so, that they all got a little excited when I brought the spray bottle out.  As usual, Atilla was the first to have a good roll in the dill.  When she squelched to the Manor rooftop to dry off, the toyboys both attempted to emulate her bathing actions. 

Cagney did really, really well!  The best ever!  He was the wettest I have ever seen him.  He was flat out on the dill, crawling along on his belly, head buried in the dill, really getting himself thoroughly wet.  I was very proud of him!

Here he is having a good preen afterwards: 

One potato, two potato…

three potato, four…

If you know the rhyme it will give you some idea of Raspy’s tactic to get out of Mr Exotic Vet’s grasp! 

Yes, there has been yet another visit from Mr EV.  This time, his usual Lovely Assistant was not available, so he brought Lovely Assistant Numero Two (LAN2).

My main concerns this time were that:

  1. Atilla’s fatty lump appeared to have spawned another lump further down in her “undercarriage” area, &
  2. Raspy now weighs the same as her sister (she has always been less).

In preparation for the visit, I locked the Toyboys in the Ferplast when they had both gone in to nibble at the iodine block, even though there is a block in the Manor.   This left the puddings alone in the Manor.  I noticed that Raspy immediately went to Atilla’s perch to sit near her.  She was bashing Atilla’s mirror but I suspect that was her way of being affectionate without losing face (see video below).

I gave them some dill soaked in camomile tea in the hope it would help to keep them calm.  They were happy chomping away together.  They were happy until Mr EV & LAN2 arrived….

Normally, if I put my hand in the cage, both girls are happy to jump on, if only to bite me, chew my sleeve or cadge a lift to another perch.  With Mr EV there, they did not even entertain the idea of sitting on my finger.  I even showed them their favourite toy, the camera, to tempt them but no, they were not going to be fooled.  Unfortunately, that meant Mr EV went in with his cloth…..

Raspy came out first & was flying all around the room.  We left her, to focus on Atilla, who also bombed out the Manor.  She landed on the floor & LAN2 quickly bundled her up.

Atilla was vocal about the indignity of being held.  Mr EV had a listen to her heart & breathing & gave her a prod & a poke.

His verdict on the lump situation is that the bottom lump is actually part of the initial chest lump that has slipped down as it is not attached to anything.  He reckoned she was in better overall condition than last time.  Her heart was strong & her breathing fine.

Though I am still concerned about her lump, I am well aware that he could have said a whole lot worse so I feel some relief.

Raspy was next.  She managed to fly behind the curtain where Mr EV gathered her up in his cloth.  Raspy was about 10 times more vocal than Atilla.  I think Mr EV & LAN2 were a bit surprised at the ferocity of her protest.  Raspy proceeded to squirm & that is when Mr EV started the one potato, two potato actions with his hands, as he tried to keep hold of her!  She had her toenails trimmed but kept holding onto the clipper with the foot that was free.  Mr EV gave her a prod & poke also.

He said he could not feel any lumps.  Like Atilla, her heartbeat & breathing were good.

So, job done & Mr EV & LAN2 departed, leaving the puddings to recover in the Manor.  When I saw they were both preening, I thought about letting the Toyboys back out.

I do not exaggerate when I say that within less than a minute of being let out, Cagney had his leg over Atilla!  He loves that girl!  Bezukhov was covering Raspy with kisses also.  They had only been apart for 2 hours at most.

When they had got their “greetings” over with, I got out the rest of the camomile-tea-soaked dill & gave them a misting.  All had a romp in the dill, apart from Raspy who watched, but she did give Bezukhov’s head a good preen afterwards (see video below).

Raspy & Atilla alone in the Manor:

Raspy preening Bezukhov (Atilla was “helping” me film, hence camera shake):

Dill misting

Puddings & Toyboys had a dill misting this weekend.  The boys were not so enthusiastic & waited for me to stop spraying the water before tucking into the dill.  Atilla opted out of the last misting I gave them, so I was pleased she was back on form & had a thorough wash & completely wore herself out!

This is left intentionally blank.

Worshipping dill

On Saturday, puddings & toyboys had dill.  As usual, I laid it across the landing platform & lay in wait with the spray bottle to give them a misting.  The toyboys were first to dive into the dill.  Normally Cagney shoots off as soon as I start spraying the water but this time he stayed to eat the dill & also spread his wings to get more water on them & a few times even lay prostrate across the dill!  It was the wettest he’s ever got!

Bezukhov danced in the dill a bit & got a little wet.  Unfortunately, Raspy wanted to have a roll in the dill but Cagney was hogging it so she retired to the other side of the room.  Atilla came to the party late but could not resist a proper roll in the dill & got thoroughly soaked.

Mmm... dill...

Mint no, cucumber yes!

Pre-toyboys, I had tried the puddings out with mint but they ran for the hills as soon as they got a whiff of it.  Yesterday, I thought I’d see if the toyboys liked mint.  Cagney, surprisingly, was a bit reluctant & though he had to investigate, refrained from actually trying it out.  Bezukhov nibbled a tiny, tiny bit, enough to know he would not be having any more.  No change with the puddings…. Raspy turned her cere up & Atilla turned hers up with quite a look of disgust.

Cucumber was another matter.  The girls have had cucumber before & would nibble at it if the mood took them.  The toyboys were quite impressed, particularly Bezukhov who has found he likes to eat it from the inside out.

Basil surprise

This evening, I had some fresh basil to use up & at the last minute I thought I’d give some to the puddings & toyboys.  Normally they would have a little nibble but that is all.  I was not expecting much enthusiasm but thought it would be something for them to talk about amongst themselves tomorrow….

“Why d’ya think she gave us basil when she knows we prefer dill?”

“It was a bit wet, wasn’t it?  She could have dried it off a bit more…”

“Did you see where she pegged the damn basil?  I had to get off my swing to investigate.”

Anyway, to my surprise, they all started eating it heartily!  It appears they now love basil!

Atilla was chomping away & fluffing up like she was trying to eat & bathe at the same time (difficult as it was only a tiny sprig in my hand).  The puddings are good at tearing leafy things & throwing it all over the floor, but she was actually eating it.  Raspy also chomped away & the toyboys couldn’t get enough of it.  I left it pegged up & saw that Atilla was still ploughing her way through it.

Basil has now been added to my shopping list!