Atilla’s still got talent

Atilla is up to her old tricks again. I know that she likes my baggy, green t-shirt & the navy blue one – she likes to go up the sleeve & come out by my belly. I tend not to wear those t-shirts if I have work to be getting on with.  Yesterday she attempted the same with my light blue top, only this top has 3/4 length sleeves that are not so baggy.

After a little perseverance she managed to squeeze her way in, work her way up to my armpit & then emerge by my belly. Then there was no stopping her…. she wanted to go in again… & again…. & again…. It was like a fairground ride where she was the only one queuing.

I showed her a short cut though, where she could come out on my chest.

Here is a video. It’s a bit long as she decided to retrace her steps at one point.


When Atilla is not chewing the back of the chair, she likes to return to her hobby of climbing into sleeves.  She has had a variety recently.  All are worth a try but I am sure she favours some over others…

Lilac sleeve - tight fit
Hearts sleeve - Nice echo, good grip
Pink sleeve - Nice & roomy
Grey sleeve - Fleece inside is warm & cosy

And for my next trick….

Atilla likes it when I wear my grey, button-through, fleece top.  She has discovered it is warm & cosy.  I would agree with her there.

Here she is, having a mooch….

I apologise for the strange camera angles in the following video.  I was not expecting her to actually go inside my jumper.  If I had not put my hand there, she would have fallen out the bottom!