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Do you come here often?

Phineas has discovered mirrors.  He has one in his cage that is part of his swing.  He has only ever given it a cursory thump.   Recently, I have noticed him giving it a little more attention, but we are just talking seconds.

When they are all out, I often hanging the swinging perch with mirror from the landing platform.  This has four perches on it – plenty for three boys to share.  It has a mirror next to the two lower perches.  For the first time ever, Phineas has actually given the handsome fellow staring back at him the time of day.  This has happened, I suspect, because Cagney & Bezukhov were otherwise engaged (preening and/or snoozing).  The handsome fellow in the mirror was probably making eyes at him & was difficult to resist.  Fortunately, I managed to get this all on film…..

Still got the bite!

Atilla has been spending a lot of time on her ttmss swing.  Her lump is gradually getting bigger.  I think she feels comfortable on that swing.  She has started to sit leaning forward with her head underneath the mirror part.  The position looks odd but it must help her feel more balanced.

New position on ttmss swing.

I discovered recently that permission is still required to clean the ttmss swing.  Silly me thought she might not have the energy to fight me for it, so the other day when she was the other side of the Manor, I whipped it out, turned my back (out of sight, out of mind?) & started cleaning it.  I furtively looked around & there she was by my shoulder on the outside rope perch… she then put one foot on my shoulder to get to the ttmss swing.  Oh…. she’s still territorial….. I’d better put it back quickly……

The cleaned ttmss swing was swiftly returned & I held out my finger to her to escort her back, which she graciously (I thought) accepted.  However, no sooner had she settled on it & checked it was all in working order, she attacked my thumb with a “DO… NOT… TAKE… A…WAY… WITH…OUT… MY…  PER… MISS… SION… FIRST!!!

I got the subtle hint.

That is me told.

Up and over

Atilla is still coping with her lump.  It has got bigger again but is still a bit floppy rather than solid like it had been pre-Easter Sunday.  She occasionally gets a poop caught on it, but it never stays there long – either I manage to discreetly flick it off whilst it is fresh, or Atilla attacks it during a botty preen.

She gets about, as always, trailing the lump behind her.  She does not seem to mind & just hauls it around.  When she steps up on my finger from a perch or swing, I have to remember the up & over motion otherwise the lump will get caught.

Here she is on the swing – she got there herself.  She was not very relaxed as she saw me with the camera…

She is still making her own way down under the Manor to check out the mirror there…

The other day I caught her exploring the rest of the area under the Manor – she did a circuit of the tray, returning to the mirror & made her way up to the Manor as per usual.

Atilla doing a circuit of the tray under the Manor

Atilla is very independent & I admire her greatly.

Mirror under the Manor

Atilla can be an independent girl when she wants to be.  She likes to keep tabs on the mirror under the Manor & often requests the HNS to ferry her there & back.  However, shockingly, I am not always available to attend to her every whim, so I rigged up a perch & peg system connecting the manor door to the stairway, giving her a pathway to the mirror. 

It did not take long for her to make use of it….

Favourite swing reinstated

I have made some changes in the Manor.  I used to change the layout fairly often before, but now Atilla has her lump, I am more inclined to keep things mostly the same as she has tried & tested ways of getting about.

Having said that, I decided to return the ttmss swing.  This was originally taken out as I felt it was having a detrimental affect on the puddings’ feet so it was only available sometimes outside the Manor.  However, now it seems that feet are the least of Atilla’s problems so I have reinstated it, in place of the Alan swing.  It is now the preferred place to poop from.

Alongside that change, I also fitted a ladder up the back wall of the Manor as a way of introducing horizontal climbing bars where the vertical bars are. (You can see a bit of it to the right in the photo above).  The vertical bar sections are quite long & sometimes Atilla struggles to get up them & when she pauses for a moment, she slides down. I am pleased to say I have seen her use the ladder.

As an aside, Raspy’s swinging perch is still in the Manor.  I did take it out recently for about 5 minutes but felt drawn to put it back.  It is almost like a little shrine.  Apart from an initial three or four occasions when I saw Cagney go on it briefly, it has not been touched since her passing.

Snoozing together

The other day Atilla spent some time on the ttmss swing.  Occasionally, I hang it from the landing platform & it usually gets passing interest from Atilla & the Toyboys.  This particular day Atilla wanted to spend more time on it. 

Sadly, her lump is starting to affect her balance.  When I held her up to the swing, she put one foot on but kept the other foot on my finger, all the while giving her reflection a lot of kisses & the occasional thump.

A little later, I was pleased to see she had made her own way to the swing & was settled enough to have a little snooze, snuggled up to the familiar hen who seemed to want to snooze when she did.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Dodgy bell

When cleaning Atilla’s purple lantern mirror & bell the other day, I noticed the bell had some marks, possibly the beginnings of rust.  To be safe, I took the clapperless bell off & threw it away. 

The mirror looked a bit lost without anything dangling from it so I had to add something……. 

Enter, a munch ball!

Atilla & the toyboys did not seem to notice the shiny dangly thing was now brown & chewy.  Or rather, they did notice, but were not that concerned.  Either way, the new-style lantern mirror has been accepted by them & is now part of the Manor furniture.

Thanks go to the magnificent Mikko for raising awareness of the dangers of heavy metal poisoning in budgies: http://highfourbirdtraining.webs.com/losingyou.htm.

Hybrid Toyboy

Look at this amazing new budgie mutation…..  The head is Bezukhov’s colouring & the body is Cagney’s colouring! :0

Head of Bezuks & body of Cags

Oops…. that’s what happens when I get the ttmss swing out!

Bezukhov & Cagney

Here they are playing….

And yes, Atilla had already given permission that the toyboys could play with her ttmss swing….

Atilla giving the ttmss swing a kiss

Hand Navigation System (HNS)

Atilla can be quite the explorer when she is in the mood. Admittedly she sometimes gets a little helping hand from me, but it is all under her instructions. 

When sat on my hand she indicates where she wants to go & I lower or raise her to her destination. Occasionally she changes her mind or maybe I interpret the instruction wrongly & she wants to return to the starting position but more often than not, she will continue indicating where she wants to go until she reaches the target destination.  Any wrong turns or not acting quick enough result in a nasty nip to my finger tip, otherwise I get little squeezes to encourage me.

She has been the first to explore the inside of the folding cage.  She was also the first to eat seed from that cage resulting in Bezukhov following her in to join her, comfortable in the knowledge that if the leader is eating there, then it must be safe.

Atilla also likes to check the toys I hang from the bottom of the folding cage (a storage place!)

If I leave a favoured toy, perch or swing on the box under the Manor then Atilla soon knows about it & wants to investigate.  If the toy has a mirror, then she likes to visit on a regular basis.  She has been known to sit at the bottom of the Manor (under normal circumstances the Manor floor is a big NO-NO) waiting for my assistance to visit the Undermanor area.

Swapping puddings?

Occasionally, the toyboys confuse things. 

We know that Bezukhov & Raspy love each other.  We know that Cagney & Atilla love each other.  There are times Bezukhov cannot resist having a flirt with Atilla & this riles Cagney.  We also know Cagney likes to chase Raspy for a kiss despite Bezukhov flapping his wings in warning.  Neither pudding is interested in the potential change in partner so nothing comes of it, though I do expect one or other toyboy to be sporting a black eye one day….

However, there are the exceptions & these are when both boys do not seem to mind swapping puddings…..  The problem is, the girls do not want to swap!  It’s like the boys have thrown their keys in the dish but the girls are not picking up…  The girls can get a bit stressed in such a situation because they do not even have their boyfriend to help fight their corner because he is too busy trying to get off with her sister.  It’s all very fraught. 

This evening, Raspy seemed to be at a slight disadvantage as I think she has hurt her wing a little (she can still fly).  After about an hour of trying to diffuse the situation, I introduced Raspy to the Ferplast & she readily went in.  Cagney was prowling around on top of the cage so I put the cover over it.  After a short time, Bezukhov was looking for Raspy so I opened the Ferplast door & he went in to be with her. 

Calm has finally returned.  Raspy has tried out all perches/swings in the Ferplast but I think she may settle on one of the swings for the night.  Bezukhov still has not decided where to sleep but he has been stretching his wings so I am sure he will settle soon.  In the Manor, Atilla is still wrestling with the mirror but that is normal (for the last week at least) & Cagney is already perched on top of a swing. 

I will keep the two couples separated for a day as I will not have time to keep an eye on them tomorrow.  Hopefully Raspy’s wing will also be better too.