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Clapperless bell

The green lantern mirror was not able to withstand Atilla’s vigorous workout & the bell lost its clapper.  She did the same with the purple mirror.  I took the green lantern mirror out for repairs & got a bite on my finger for my trouble.  On returning it, the clapper lasted one morning before I found it laying at the bottom of the Manor, & Atilla with a smug, defiant look on her face. 

I have not replaced the clapper.

Mirror and (dumb)bell workout

Atilla still enjoys wrestling with her mirror I think she overheard me saying the vet had been booked for another visit & has spent the last two days building up her muscle tone & working on her reflexes so she can better outwit Mr Vet.

Here she is in action:

Yes, that is Raspy getting in the way of the camera…

Chilling out in the Ferplast

The last two weeks, Bezukhov has spent a lot of time in the Ferplast. 

Both Cagney & Atilla go in the Ferplast but they tend to be brief visits.  When Bezukhov has been going in recently, he spends quite some time there, almost like he is chilling out & taking a break from the rest of the world (lounge).  He often confides deeply with the peg & also has long (meaningful I am sure!) chats with the mirror on the swing, as you can see in this video: