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DIY nesting material

Atilla continues to be very busy behind the chair.

She is being very industrious & is now manufacturing her own nesting material:

First shipment of nesting material

I kept finding bits of fluff scattered around & when I investigated further, found it had come from the (rapidly thinning) tea-towels she is continuously chewing. 

Tea towel No.1

Tea towel No.2 and chair cover

The Nest Box

We all know that my two puddings have always been keen on finding a nesting site.  If my sleeves had not been too tight, I am sure they would have been happy to lay an egg or two in there.

After Raspy popped out her first egg she seemed obsessed with possible nesting sites. I considered getting her a nest box.  When we saw Mr Vet over her 2nd (later to be absorbed) egg, I asked him if he thought a nest box would be a good idea.  He encouraged me.  That day, I went out & bought a nest box.

The next evening, I attached it to the Ferplast, where Raspy & Bezukhov were staying.  Raspy did not seem to take much notice of it initially.  In fact, Beady-Eyed Atilla discovered it first!  I then had a problem.  Atilla wanted the nest box!  I had covered it up so it was not too obvious but Atilla saw through my little trick.  She even saw through the other two covers I threw over it!

By the next day, Raspy had also discovered the nest box, but this time from the inside of the cage.  (I kept the cage door shut so Atilla did not enter the nest box through the proper entrance – I doubt she would have budged had she got in).  Raspy got used to the nest box pretty quickly & claimed it as her own.  She would even (from inside the cage) give her sister the evil eye when she was clambering all over the outside of the box.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Sometimes Raspy would sit inside the box for a little while.  Bezukhov never entered the box (that was clearly Raspy’s territory) but he would sit on the little perch outside the hole & either preen himself or give Raspy a kiss through the hole.

Unfortunately, after a couple of days of making herself at home in the nest box, Raspy became ill.  After her operation, Ms Budgie Vet suggested I put 5 dummy eggs in the nest box in the hope Raspy would think she had laid them & would not need to produce any more eggs.

Sadly, Raspy never recovered enough to enter the nest box again.

Here is an adventurous & busy Atilla: 
Where is Atilla? 

Pudding in my sleeve

Both Atilla & Raspy are still keen on chewing my sleeve. 

The last couple of mornings Atilla has greeted me by jumping on the platform perch & trying to get my sleeve.  If I can, I push a little through the bars so she can have a chew.  Previously, I thought they did not like black clothes, but she wanted to chew my new black jumper.

When they come out the Manor, they have free reign of chewing my clothes.  My sleeves are obviously the most accessible.  Often I will be standing there, with a pudding in the crook of each arm, having a good chew.  They could chew for England!

A real treat for them, particularly Atilla, is if I wear something with baggy sleeves.  Atilla will try very, very hard to get inside.  Once she’s in, she has a good rummage & may peck at my armpit & if she’s really on form, will go the whole hog & come out by my belly (see previous post Atilla’s Got Talent).  As soon as she’s out of my sleeve she immediately wants to go back in.

Here are some recent photos & quick video of Atilla in action:

Play jumper

The girls still enjoy rummaging in my sleeve.

The other day, for an experiment, I threw my jumper on top of the Ferplast to see what they would make of it.  After an initial bout of shyness, the new “play” jumper was investigated by all.

However, it did not take long for Raspy to claim the play jumper as her own.

Here she is checking out the sleeve with Bezukhov guarding her back:

Then she checks out the other side but disappears & confuses Bezukhov who is supposed to be guarding her back but has lost her:

And then another rummage…

I noticed she was getting a bit “territorial” (in other words, turning into a bully) so in the end I removed my jumper & threw it on the chair.  She followed it there…

Found! Nesting site!!

Nesting site…. short-sleeved with an arm in it….

Yes, Atilla has decided my loose, green t-shirt has sleeves ideal for sitting in.  She has been in & out of my sleeve that many times today that I have lost count.  After the first few tentative times climbing in, she got confident & was throwing herself in, scrabbling about, turning around & poking her head outside for air before going back inside again. 

Thanks to Raspy’s “help” with the camera (chewed buttons & tapping soundtrack) we have a little film of Atilla in my sleeve: