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Update on bedtime positions

After about 3 weeks of not sleeping on a bedtime swing, Atilla has finally returned to the loft area.  This has meant we are back to shuffling again.

The last few nights she has slept on each swing, the back one, the front one & the round one…. generally whichever swing was available.  Tonight she claimed the front swing first.  Cagney settled on the round swing next to her & Bezukhov on the back swing.  This left Raspy still on her swinging perch & no bedtime swing, only the fixed perch left in the loft area.  I could see in her eyes that this was not an acceptable state of affairs.

Still, I was not too concerned because I thought there was still time for either Cagney to move to the top of a swing or Bezukhov to move to the fixed perch which he sometimes sleeps on.  In the end, Bezukhov got off his swing (I think only for a brief stretch) & Raspy dived on it quickly.  Bezuky decided to squeeze onto the round swing with Cagney but that caused a bit of a kerfuffle resulting in Cagney retiring to the top of Atilla’s swing which is where he probably would have chosen to sleep for the rest of the night anyway!

All is calm.  For now.

Musical cages

Since posting about the toyboys attempting to swap puddings, there have been further incidents.  Twice I have separated the couples, letting Raspy & Bezukhov sleep overnight in the Ferplast.  Last night was one such occasion.  It was all getting a bit frantic.  In the end, I took Raspy to the open Ferplast door & she could not get in there quick enough!  She had no intention of coming out either! 

Meanwhile, Bezukhov was flirting with Atilla, not even noticing that his girl was now in the Ferplast, with Cagney trying to squeeze his beak through to give her a kiss.  At one point, I locked Atilla in the  Manor on her own.  Then I let Cagney in with her.  Eventually, Bezukhov decided he wanted to be with Raspy so I let him into the Ferplast.  By this time, it was bedtime & both couples settled down quickly.

This morning, all was fine when I let them out all together. 

The Ferplast has turned into an essential get-away-from-it-all home!

Evening news: Feed & Swings

Stop press!  This evening, at 20:45 hours, both puddings & toyboys were all eating seed at the same time!

I cannot remember the last time this happened…. or even if this has happened at all.

There are 4 seed pots, so they have one each, but normally eat on some random rota system.  At first Atilla & Bezukhov were eating.  Then Raspy started eating.  Cagney was sitting looking at Raspy & looked like he was about to jump on her pot.  I got him to step up & turned him around to see the 4th pot that he could eat from & would you believe it, he meekly went there & started eating.  There you have it…. 4 little darlings all quietly munching on their seeds!

The last few nights, bedtime positions have been a bit upset.  One evening, Cagney settled on Raspy’s swing.  Raspy sat on a lower perch & the other two sat with her, seemingly providing support that she did not have her bedtime swing.  It was quite late before Cagney moved to his usual position (on top of the round swing) & then the other three were able to settle in their usual places also.

Last night Atilla did not want to sleep on her swing & stayed on the perch which was odd.  This evening, she looked for my finger to take her to her bedtime swing but unfortunately Cagney was sat on it.  She has settled on the perch below the round swing.  I keep checking in to see if Cagney has moved yet….. but as of writing, he is still on Atilla’s swing….

Bad Boy Cagney

Cagney just does not read the signs, take a hint, or take “No” for an answer.

Here he is trying to engage Raspy in a conversation but she is just not interested! 

Here he is, “pushing his luck”, not realising that Atilla just wants to chill out:  (It is possible Atilla may have hurt her wing in that little impromptu scuffle).

Atilla is very tolerant of Cagney.  As for Raspy, I am surprised she has not given him a thump yet!  

Wonders will never cease

Raspy does not have much time for Cagney.

She merely tolerates him.

Cagney, in contrast, thinks Raspy is a “bit of alright“.  Although he & Atilla are a bonded couple, that does not stop him wanting to chat & flirt with her sister.  He is not very good at taking “No” for an answer.  Raspy really does not want him chattering in her ear, or trying to sit next to her or looking at her in a “funny way”.

Bezukhov is aware of his girlfriend’s feelings for his mate, Cagney.  Where possible, he will sit between them.  When it is not possible, he will still sit between them & simply knock Cagney off the perch.

In the evening, I usually offer Raspy seed as she sometimes gets stressed trying to eat during the day because Cagney wants to “join in”.  I like to make sure she has her bedtime feed.

This evening, she was eating from the seed pot I offered.  It was the large pot.  When Bezuky joined her, that was fine as there was enough space for both their heads to be in & out the pot.  Cagney noticed the contented way Raspy & Bezuky were eating & it seemed he wanted to be a part of it.  He indicated he was going to join them.  Several times, Bezukhov chased him away.

At one point, Cagney landed on the pot & knocked his mate off.  I moved the pot away from Raspy, knowing her feelings towards Cagney.  However, she indicated she wanted to continue eating so I tentatively moved the pot closer to her, with Cagney still sat on it, eating.  She calmly leaned in for a seed.  Cagney carried on eating.  She had more seed.  I was stunned…. they both calmly ate from the same seed pot!

It was very nice to see.  It didn’t end in a fight either. 🙂

Ants in her pants

Atilla seemed restless at bedtime this evening.  She has been going to bed later than the others.  The problem with this is that her preferred bedtime position is more likely to already be taken by a toyboy or her sister. 

Three in bed

Tonight, the positions already taken were: Bezukhov on the back swing, Raspy on the front swing & Cagney on top of the round swing.  This left Atilla with either the swinging perch or the round swing.  I think that because she was left with the dregs, she was reluctant to get to bed….

When she decided it was time, she stepped up on my finger (from the ttmss swing) but turned her cere up at the round swing.  She then proceeded to shuffle about in the palm of my hand (almost like she was preparing a nest), then had a major flap, clinging onto my finger tightly whilst she got the blood flowing around her wings!  This of course unsettled the others, & both Cagney & Bezukhov immediately left their swings to investigate.  However, Bezuky very quickly returned to his swing, probably because he thought it was a sneaky ruse of Atilla to get him off it so she could take it!

After all of that, Atilla returned to the ttmss swing & the others nodded off again….

A short time later, she decided it was time to go to bed again.  This time she wandered over to the perch below left of Raspy & started faffing about there, vigorously preening, chewing the perch, chewing the cover through the bars & pushing & pulling the green mirror…. She then made her way to the peg & settled there for a little while.  At last peek, she had (reluctantly) got on the round swing…..

Shuffle before sleep

The first positions for sleep this evening were a bit strange:

Back swing (Atilla’s old swing) : Bezukhov

Front swing : Raspy

Swinging perch : Cagney

Atilla does not sleep of a night on the  round swing or the swinging perch but they were the only positions available.  I held her up to the round swing but she turned her nose up & decided to sit on the peg. Oddly enough, Raspy decided to vacate the front swing, but all that was available was the round swing (she was hardly going to share the swinging perch with Cagney) so she settled there.  Atilla took her chance & jumped on the front swing.

I hung around as I thought Cagney would want to sit on the top of the round swing but Raspy was on it so there was potential for a scuffle.

Sure enough, Cagney decided to vacate the swinging perch & made his way over but sat on the peg so he could stretch across & give Atilla a bedtime snog.  Not knowing where to stop, he jumped on the swing with her & got on her back.  I held my hand out as normally this would result in Atilla falling off.  In the meantime, Raspy took her chance with Cagney being distracted, to get off the round swing & go to the swinging perch.  However, she actually wanted to sleep on the back swing where Bezukhov was minding his own business.  She  climbed around the bars towards it to give him the hint which he very cleverly took.

Final (?) positions:

Back swing (Atilla’s old swing) : Raspy

Front swing : Atilla

Swinging perch : Bezukhov

Round swing (top of) : Cagney

Night night my little darlings!

Midweek musings

As I write, puddings & toyboys are tucked up in bed. They are settled now but there was a kerfuffle earlier.  From what I can work out, it looked like Atilla attempted to get on her old swing that Bezukhov was already snoozing on & Cagney joined in the “debate”.  The result was a bit of a row from the boys & Atilla landed on the floor.  I popped her on the vacant front swing where she is now dozing.  Since then, Raspy has moved to Atilla’s old swing & Bezukhov moved to the round swing, where Cagney was already positioned on top (waving his tail in Atilla’s face).  In a radical departure from all usual bedtime position permutations, Bezuky is now also on top of the round swing, alongside Cagney. Will this be the final arrangement for the night or are there still minor adjustments to come?

Earlier this evening there was a bit of confusion regarding partners. Now Bezukhov likes to have a chat with Atilla (also with a peg or a perch, so anything that will listen really) & she tolerates him as long as he doesn’t get too close.  Today however, it seems there was something extra in his chat as Cagney was flapping his wings in a warning manner. I have not seen Cagney do that to Bezukhov before…. it was like he felt threatened that Bezuky was going to steal his girl.

Of course that behaviour was a bit rich coming from Cagney as he had been chasing Raspy around the room not long before.  Fortunately, it seems (so far) the puddings are not for turning & are sticking with their original mates.  Imagine how confusing it would be if they turned?!

[BTW, I can hear shuffling in the dark, so I suspect bedtime positions have altered slightly.  I predict that Bezukhov has made his way over to the swinging perch.]

High-risk bedtime positions

It all started when Bezukhov decided to sleep on Atilla’s swing…

Atilla was ready for bed a little while after & made her way over but found him snoozing on her bedtime swing.  She gave him a good stare but he did not budge (didn’t open his eyes either!)  She retired to her ttmss swing.  A few moments later, she made her way over again but still Bezukhov stayed firm on one foot.  I offered my finger to Atilla, which she took, & placed her on the empty front swing which she settled down on.

Raspy was on the swinging perch.  Cagney was on the top of the round swing. All seemed relatively normal….. until Raspy changed position.

I heard a bit of shuffling under the cover & when I peeked in, I found Raspy on the round swing, with Cagney still on top of it.  Surely this is a recipe for disaster?  She doesn’t like Cagney!

She was sat there doing, what I call, “air punches” – like air kisses, but she pecks at the air instead.  Bezuky by this time had made his way to the swinging perch, leaving Atilla’s swing vacant.

It’s surprising to me that Raspy has lasted so long already on a swing with Cagney sat above her.  I suspect she wanted to sit opposite her sister…. but who knows?!

Who’s been eating MY seed?

Tonight, Cagney was a bit mean with the seed pots.

There are three seed pots for four of them.  They usually eat on some kind of rota system but I have often seen Raspy, Bezukhov & Cagney eat at the same time.  However, this evening, he wanted the three seed pots to himself.  Raspy wanted her bedtime seed but he was not letting her get it.  In the end, I offered seed to her from my hand which she readily took.

Cagney, of course wondered why she was getting preferential treatment…  He chased her off my hand so he could eat it.  Raspy, being a smart girl, went straight to the seed pots & resumed eating there.  I think it confused Cagney a bit as he could not be in two places at once, however hard he tries.

Hopefully this is one-off behaviour from Cagney, otherwise I will have to put a fourth seed pot in the East Wing of the Manor.