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Remembering Thomas on his adoption day

Thomas came into our home on this day, 6 years ago.  He was an amazing blue & photos of him do not do him justice.  He was well loved by all.  Sadly, he did not stay with us long, but his impact was enormous.  Though Dalai, Perry & Lennie never met him, they live with his legacy by bathing in the Thomas Bath.

Here is a video of Thomas in the aforementioned bath.  He was joined by Phineas, who he personally coached in the art of bathing.  If you are wondering why there is hardly any water in the bath…. I can assure you it was full when they had started!


Always in our thoughts.






Remembering Past Pets: Dino

Every year on this day I remember one of my earlier budgies, Dino.

He died of old age in 1985, so a long time ago.  Things were very different then.  Generally, my memories from when I was young are not too clear yet I remember very distinctly the day we got him:

A market stall sold budgies.  They said they would be getting some budgies with unusual colours so my mum took me there each week & each week the lady said they had not come in yet.  However, on this particular day, she said, “You’ll be a fool if you don’t take this one” as she reached into a crowded cage & pulled out a squirming traditional, ‘ordinary’, green budgie.  I agreed to taking him partly because I did not want to be a fool & also because I was conscious that she was holding the budgie in the middle of the busy market & I wanted her to put him somewhere safe quickly!

When we got him home & into his new cage, he sat still on the bottom.  We discussed what to call him.  I remember my mum wanted to call him Sparky because he was such a sparkling green colour.  Eventually someone (I think it was my brother) said, “What about Dino?“, at which point Dino jumped on a perch & started chirping!  We took this as a sign & welcomed our very own Dino Marino.

He was around during my school years right up until I went to college.  It was a sad day losing him but he lived a long life & I have to say that lady on the market stall was right – he was special & we would have been fools not to take him.

Unfortunately I have very few photos of him & the ones I have are dreadful quality.  They do trigger more memories though, like how he would biff the plastic budgie until it was upside down.  He used to sleep across his ladder resting his head on the attached mirror.  We used to let him out for a fly & his favoured spot was on a perch that we had attached to a mirror.

Dino Marino


Every so often I come across the white plastic bag of some of his favourite toys that I kept.  I also have a small, glass jar with some of his feathers.  Some things are just hard to let go.

Dino’s tail feather



Remembering Bezukhov: Pillow complete

As with those who went to Rainbow Bridge before him, I have made Bezukhov a pillow for his resting place.

Because Bezukhov had similar colours to his girlfriend, Raspy, I used the same materials I used for her – the blue velvet & the cotton with blue feathers.  The cover for his inner pillow is made with the plain blue velvet & has his full name & dates embroidered in black.


For the outer cover, I used the material with feathers in shades of blue.  I rearranged the pillows, so he now rests alongside Raspy.  Behind is Phineas & Thomas & behind them, overseeing them all, is Cagney beside his girlfriend, the leader herself, Atilla.




Remembering Thomas: Five years on

Five years ago today, our beautiful Thomas made his way to rainbow bridge.

Handsome Thomas


Still in our thoughts & still missed.


Remembering Bezukhov this Christmas

This is our first Christmas without Bezukhov.

Please join me in a reflective journey over the 8 Christmases we shared.  I have selected some photos taken during December of those years……




Cagney & Bezukhov













Hoping you are having a wonderful time over at Rainbow Bridge with your best mate Cagney, girlfriend Raspy, leader Atilla & friends Thomas & Phineas.


Social media, feasting and a prize!

I joined Instagram recently (@onesweetiepea) & took part in the Instagram challenge #12daysoffolksy.

Folksy is the home of British Craft, where you will find thousands of beautifully designed creations – all made by clever hands crafting away across the UK.  They set up an Instagram challenge to help promote Folksy, promote its sellers (& others!) & to have a bit of fun!

I am a new Folksy seller & you can imagine that some of my items are inspired by birds or bird-related (link to my shop is at the bottom of this page).  Naturally, I used some of the chosen themes to ‘promote’ my birds!  Day 10 was ‘Feast’, so I posted a picture of Dalai, Perry & Lennie feasting on red millet:

Dalai, Lennie & Blurry Perry


I was delighted to find that they won a prize for the best animal-themed post for Day 10!  They had more red millet to celebrate!

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have recognised the above photo from a previous post in 2017.  (Click here to see that post).  The slight sadness in this is that the red millet was in celebration of Bezukhov’s 7th birthday & you can see him in the photos in the original post.  So, I feel he deserves a mention too, given that had he not had a 7th birthday, they would not have had that millet & therefore the photos would not have been taken & the prize not won!  So we give big thanks to our dearest, departed friend, Bezukhov.

You can also see in the photo that Dalai had his troublesome feather!


Remembering Raspy: Seven years on

Seven years ago today, our beautiful Raspy made her way to rainbow bridge.



Still in our thoughts.

Love you always my dear girl.




Remembering Cagney: Three years on

Three years ago today, our beautiful Cagney made his way to rainbow bridge.

Beautiful Cagney


Still in our thoughts.

Love you my dear boy.




Remembering Atilla: Six years on

Six years ago today, our beautiful Atilla made her way to rainbow bridge.



Still in our thoughts.

Love you always my dear girl.




Remembering Phineas: Two years on

Two years ago today, our wonderful Phineas made his way to rainbow bridge.

Lovely Phineas


Always in our thoughts.

Love you my lovely boy.