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Side step speed footwork

Phineas still likes to regurgitate to my finger or thumb.  There are several locations where he prefers this activity to happen.  One location is on the open door of the Ferplast.  This flat area showcases nicely his habit of interspersing regurgitation with side step speed footwork.



2½ hours in the life of…

hours in the life of Phineas.


As told through the medium of


regurgitated seed…. &

regurgitated celery:

(Click on photos to enlarge)




Bubble, bubble toil and trouble

All the bubbles that Phineas has been blowing recently has put the following words from Shakespeare’s Macbeth in my mind:

Double, double toil and trouble

In my head the witches chant now goes something like this:

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble;
Head bop, and beak that bubbles.
Leaf of spinach and finger of vet,
Shredded broccoli and red millet,
De-hulled oats and stalk of celery,
Egg boiled hard and seed of canary,
In the crop, churn and toss,
A bob of head and foamy froth,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

(Apologies to Mr Shakespeare!)

And here, a special treat for you all, is a video of Phineas blowing a bubble or two.  (The first bubble appears at around 42 seconds in).

For reference, here are the original, inspiring words of Shakespeare:

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Second Witch
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the cauldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and howlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Post X-ray

Bezukhov looking sorry for himself

Bezukhov looking sorry for himself

After Bezukhov’s initial euphoria of returning home from the vet, things were not so good.

That evening, I attempted to give him his first lot of medication (orally) & also ‘nebulised’ him whilst in the travel cage.  He could not get out quick enough & immediately flew to the manor & ran around, almost manically.  He did not seem so bad.  However the following day, events caught up with him.  He had been anesthetised for the x-rays.  He also had a blood sample taken.

During the day he looked particularly sorry for himself.  He had another seizure.  He also fell off the perch at one point.  He had become wobbly.  I put seed & millet everywhere he might go, plus I followed him around, offering food.  The electric blanket went over the manor & the floor padded.  During the night I got up to check on him.

The following day, Friday the 26th, it was clear he was too weak to de-husk & eat his seed.  He could manage millet seeds but only a few.  He was still wobbly.  When he attempted to preen he would lose his balance.  He really needed some food inside him so I decided to crush pellets & mix with liquid (apple juice & aloe vera).  He would not eat this from my finger or a pot so I attempted to syringe some into him.  It was all very concerning.

Bezukhov poops, top left

Bezukhov poops, centre left

In the meantime, when Bezukhov was out of the manor (though sick he still did not want to sit in the manor all the time) I kept Phineas locked up as he is not very sensitive about the needs of others.  Cagney was fine with Bezukhov though I could see he was a little annoyed that Bezukhov was not playing, or responding to him like he used to.

The next day, Saturday 27th, I needed to speak to Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV).  By now she also had results of the blood test & confirmed that the treatment outlined is what we should continue with.  I told her that he seemed worse.  She said that after his ordeal, it would take time for him to recover.  She also suggested that I weigh him, if possible.  On the Wednesday when she weighed him, he was 46g.  If he was 41g or less then more worry would be appropriate.  At that point, hospitalisation might be an option.

Unfortunately, she was then due to go on holiday.  Not long after that phone call, I weighed Bezukhov in the travel cage.  According to my scales he was 40g.

Cue worry overdrive…



Birthday millet

Millet is supposed to be fattening so I do not feed it to the boys very often.  It is reserved for special occasions.  The toyboys celebrated their birthdays recently: Cagney’s on the 23rd June & Bezukhov’s on the 27th June.  I got out the millet!

Here are some photos of them having a joint millet party:

I put out 4 separate pieces of millet so there would be one each & a spare.  However, Phineas had to eat the same one that Cagney was eating:



Seed junkies

budgie seed 1On occasion, I have temporarily replaced the boys seed with vegetables.  The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. It forces them to eat more vegetables!
  2. It means that Thomas can come out & once I replace the vegetables with seed in his cage, he will go in, giving me more control over his comings & goings if time is short.

canary seedAnyway, on Saturday, before I went out, I replaced their seed with vegetables.  This was around midday.  I returned by about 4pm & was able to let them out around half an hour later.

What a kerfuffle!  Where was the seed?  It was quite comical watching them look for seed.  I could not give in & give them seed as I wanted Thomas to have some exercise before going back home.  In the meantime I watched something along the lines of the following:

Cagney: Bezooks, did you see any seed in their cage?

Bezukhov: Nope.  I poked my nose in but they have vegetables just like us.  I contemplated going in the Ferplast to investigate but there isn’t usually seed in there.  Let’s have a doze in the loft area & hopefully when we wake the seed will have returned.

A few minutes later….

Thomas: Phinny dude, they have vegetables like us.

Phineas: I know Tom, I checked just moments ago whilst you were monitoring Cagney.  Maybe there’s some in our cage now?  [Goes to check]

Phineas: Nope, Tom.  In fact the pots where the vegetables were have been removed.  Does this mean we won’t have any food at all??

Thomas: Let me check.  [Goes to check]  You’re right, the pots have gone but the vegetables have reappeared in the dishes on the cage floor.  Have Caggers & Bezuky’s seed returned yet?

Phineas: Nope.  No change in the manor.  What’s going on?  It’s like some Twilight zone with no seed.  What’s gonna happen to us?

Thomas: I suggest we keep a close eye on Cagney as I bet he knows where there is some seed but is biding his time going to it. [Phineas & Thomas monitor Cagney whilst he sleeps]

Seed pots returned to Phineas & Thomas’s cage.  I go into kitchen to get Cagney & Bezukhov’s seed & return to find Thomas already eating his seed & Cagney & Bezukhov, wide awake, crowded around the open cage door:

Bezukhov: Thomas is eating SEED!  He has SEED!

Cagney: How comes?!  Shall we go in & eat from the other pot?

Phineas: Outta ma way!  That’s my home & there’s seed in it!  Dang!  Mama has closed the door!

Bezukhov: Wait a minute…. seed pots are being returned to the Manor!

Cagney & Phineas rush to eat from the two pots I have put in the manor.  I get the third pot & whilst I am still holding it, Bezukhov jumps on before I have a chance to put it in the cage.

Quiet descends.

Apart from the cracking of seeds.

budgie seed 2

Eating together… almost

In the last few days Cagney has been standing his ground a little with Phineas.  Yesterday, he managed to eat seed without Phineas disturbing him too much.  I was so (pleasantly) surprised to see them both eating that I had to film them…..

So, we just need this to happen for longer & also for Bezukhov to join them.  We are getting there….. slowly!

8pm x2

It appears that 8pm is the magic hour.

Appointment-30167-mYesterday evening, for the first time ever, Phineas went back to his own cage to eat!  He had been out for hours & had not eaten.  Even when the Manor was open he would only ever steal a seed or two as he would be too excited to actually stop to eat. 

Several times I have thought of leaving him out & waiting for him to go back of his own accord (without having the song & dance of grabbing him) but he has never shown any interest in his own lodgings….. until last night, at 8pm, when he made his way back to eat supper (well, actually lunch, afternoon tea & supper rolled into one).  Hallelujah!  As it was near bedtime, I closed the door behind him.  Ideally, I would like him to know that going back for seed does not mean he will be locked in but as it was late I felt there was not much choice.

This evening, at a few minutes to 8pm, he went back in again for seed!  So, that is two evenings now when I have not had to chase him!  Underneath it all, he is a very good boy. 🙂

Atilla’s outing

Atilla had a fly today.  First time in ages.

She was sat on the top, bedtime perch this morning & had a little seed that I offered her.  Then she started looking like she wanted to go somewhere….. she jumped onto the landing platform & without hesitation launched herself off across the room.  She did not get far, but I was there to pick her up.  She seemed to want to go to the playgym so I placed her there.  She settled for a good few minutes.  Cagney was not far behind & regurgitated some seed for her which she readily took.

After a little rest, she looked like she wanted to return home.  She got on my hand but I was evidently too slow taking her over to the Manor as she decided to fly back herself but landed by the side.  I helped her into the Manor where she had a good, long rest after her exertions.

Atilla on the playgym with Cagney

A very strong-willed girl

Since I last reported on Atilla’s “step back“, there has been little change in her health. 😦

She sleeps for most of the day.  She still is not drinking (therefore not getting any medication).  She hardly eats.  She has lost a lot of weight.  Throughout the day I offer various food to her – sometimes she eats, but most of the time she does not.

Cagney feeding Atilla

Cagney still feeds her, though it is debatable how much food she actually gets.

The electric blanket is permanently over the Manor making sure she is warm.

Boys staying close to their leader

We have a poop-clearing session every morning & evening as her poops get caught on her lump.  Despite being weak, she can still wriggle for England & each time manages to plant her beak into my finger, much like a mountaineer hurling an ice pick into the side of a cliff to get a firm hold & in Atilla’s case, a way to lever her way out of my grasp.

[Despite not eating much, she often nibbles on the iodine block & I am now convinced she is sharpening her beak for the poop-clearing sessions.]

Once poop has been cleared from the hernia, if possible, during the morning session, I smear some Savlon on the lower part of the lump & aloe vera mixed with vaseline on the top part.  For the following couple of hours, her poops fall past the lump but then start getting caught up again, hence an evening poop-clearing session.

Atilla earlier today

This evening she is quite restless.  Twice I noticed she went down for seed herself (she ignores the seed pots I put in the top level to save her the climb down).  At bedtime, she made her way to the top perch as per usual, but since then there has been some faffing around.  I keep hearing movement & going to investigate.  At  10pm she made her way down to the seed pot again, in the darkness (the cover was on by this time).  Then she decided she wanted to sleep on the swing (despite Cagney being sat on it).  At the next noise, I found her on the perch at the bottom of the manor…  helped her back up.  They seemed to settle but at the next sound I found her on the swing again…  At the last check, she was on the top perch & both boys tucked out of the way on top of the back swing…

I hope she has a restful night.  I will be checking on her as always.