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As reported in my last post, it appeared that Bezukhov’s weight had dropped in the days following his x-ray & blood test.



My scales showed that Bezukhov had apparently lost 6g in a few days.  I rang the vet but she had already left for her holiday.  Another vet rang back.  I explained the situation that Bezukhov had lost weight & was too weak to eat to gain more.  I had been offering Bezukhov as many different vegetables as possible to try & entice him to eat.  Cucumber was the vegetable of choice.  That seemed to be all he wanted to eat & though that was better than nothing, it would not be enough to build him up.  The vet prescribed some Emeraid Omnivore which is a critical care formula for feeding to birds.  If that did not help, then once again, hospitalisation may be an option.

Once my budgie-sitter had arrived, I dashed off to the veterinary hospital to pick up the formula.  It is a powder to be mixed with warm water.  If I say so myself, it looks like & smells like a rather appetising porridge.  Apparently some birds will eat it directly out of a bowl…. but not Bezukhov.  Naturally.  So, out came the syringe…  Unfortunately I am still not very good with administering medication by syringe/dropper.  A big lump of porridge landed on his beak.  Another on his head.  Despite being ill & weak, he could still wriggle.

Critical care formula

Critical care formula

That night both he & Cagney retired to the manor quite late.

The next day, Sunday 28th, the main aim was for Bezukhov to eat.  He ate some seed in the morning.  He was still obsessed with cucumber.  When he ate some cucumber I offered some seed & he usually had a few at that point.  He also ate a little fennel.  He preferred to be out of the manor but slept most of the day.  I weighed him again but the scales were a bit flaky, returning a value between 37-40g.  Had he lost more weight or stabilised?

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Hot weather misting

The boys like a misting on a hot day.  Usually I give Cagney & Bezukhov a misting first, whilst Phineas is still locked up, so they can proceed without interruption.  When they are finished, I let Phineas out & he has his turn.

I managed to film them recently, having a misting with some celery leaves.

Cagney & Bezukhov:





Handful of corn

Phineas has a very annoying habit of shredding the baby corn on the skewer.  He probably ingests about 5% of it, but the rest is scattered far & wide.

I hate waste.  Unfortunately, with budgies, food waste is quite common.  In an attempt to salvage some corn, when he is in the middle of shredding, I place my hand directly underneath to try & catch as many pieces as possible & then put them in a seed dish.  He does bite & fling, not just bite & drop, so a lot of corn still goes flying all over the place, but at least this way, some of the baby corn can be saved & eaten in a civilised manner.


Floor full of water

In amongst the miserable wet & windy weather we have had, there have been sunny moments.  When the sun is shining for a few hours, the room gets nice & warm.  It is a good opportunity to get the spray bottle out & give the boys a misting.

The last couple of times they have had a misting with celery leaves.  As Thomas has not been well, he declined one of the invitations to frolic in the leaves & stayed in the cage, but the other three all took advantage of the offer.

Yesterday, there was another opportunity for them all to have a misting. Cagney was first down to the landing platform & investigate the celery.  This inspired Thomas & he dived into the leaves & got thoroughly wet.  There was no room for the others so they had to temporarily take a back seat.

Once Thomas had finished, Cagney took over & did the best he could with Phineas barring his way at every turn.

Bezukhov was desperate for a frolic in the leaves & had intermittent goes, before being put off by the others.

Phineas was the last to have a frolic.  He had got a little wet accompanying Cagney but that was not a proper wash so when Cagney was busy preening, he spent some quality time with the celery & the spray bottle.

After all of that spraying, I was almost knee deep in water myself!

Open-minded about mint

everystockphoto_mint_242060_lI had some fresh mint.  I wondered if anyone would eat it.

Mint has a rather chequered history here.  Atilla & Raspy thought mint was the devil & they took to the hills as soon as they got a whiff of it.  The toyboys were not impressed with it either, but were not so dramatic about it.

Perhaps they would think differently about it now?

I got a small, inoffensive leaf & decided to offer it to each boy in turn.  As previously posted in 2011 (click here), Cagney was not impressed.  He is still not impressed & though he approached the mint leaf, the smell was enough to tell him a nibble was out of the question.  Bezukhov, as in 2011, could get past the smell & have a nibble but clearly the taste was not to his liking, then & now, & he quickly turned his back on it.

everystockphoto_mint_242060_lHowever, Phineas was excited to see some green stuff coming his way & reached out to bite it.  In fact, the dear boy liked it enough to chomp through a substantial part of the leaf.   Mint is popular!  Mint has a friend!  Mint is good!

What about Thomas?  What did he think?  Well he had a couple of bites but looked a little unsure.  I suspect that for the time being, he may be keeping an open mind about mint.

Chowing down on celery

Despite not being well, Thomas is still enjoying his vegetables.  The VeGducating Thomas series shows that celery is a vegetable that has already been approved.  One day I had some celery with the leaves for a misting.  Thomas was not too concerned about the misting but was very keen on chowing down on the celery.

Beetroot fever

“Beetroot fever” is perhaps an exaggeration, but it is gratifying to see my four boys tucking into a beetroot stalk without having the usual initial reservations, over something that is, in all honesty, a very scary colour.

Seed junkies

budgie seed 1On occasion, I have temporarily replaced the boys seed with vegetables.  The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. It forces them to eat more vegetables!
  2. It means that Thomas can come out & once I replace the vegetables with seed in his cage, he will go in, giving me more control over his comings & goings if time is short.

canary seedAnyway, on Saturday, before I went out, I replaced their seed with vegetables.  This was around midday.  I returned by about 4pm & was able to let them out around half an hour later.

What a kerfuffle!  Where was the seed?  It was quite comical watching them look for seed.  I could not give in & give them seed as I wanted Thomas to have some exercise before going back home.  In the meantime I watched something along the lines of the following:

Cagney: Bezooks, did you see any seed in their cage?

Bezukhov: Nope.  I poked my nose in but they have vegetables just like us.  I contemplated going in the Ferplast to investigate but there isn’t usually seed in there.  Let’s have a doze in the loft area & hopefully when we wake the seed will have returned.

A few minutes later….

Thomas: Phinny dude, they have vegetables like us.

Phineas: I know Tom, I checked just moments ago whilst you were monitoring Cagney.  Maybe there’s some in our cage now?  [Goes to check]

Phineas: Nope, Tom.  In fact the pots where the vegetables were have been removed.  Does this mean we won’t have any food at all??

Thomas: Let me check.  [Goes to check]  You’re right, the pots have gone but the vegetables have reappeared in the dishes on the cage floor.  Have Caggers & Bezuky’s seed returned yet?

Phineas: Nope.  No change in the manor.  What’s going on?  It’s like some Twilight zone with no seed.  What’s gonna happen to us?

Thomas: I suggest we keep a close eye on Cagney as I bet he knows where there is some seed but is biding his time going to it. [Phineas & Thomas monitor Cagney whilst he sleeps]

Seed pots returned to Phineas & Thomas’s cage.  I go into kitchen to get Cagney & Bezukhov’s seed & return to find Thomas already eating his seed & Cagney & Bezukhov, wide awake, crowded around the open cage door:

Bezukhov: Thomas is eating SEED!  He has SEED!

Cagney: How comes?!  Shall we go in & eat from the other pot?

Phineas: Outta ma way!  That’s my home & there’s seed in it!  Dang!  Mama has closed the door!

Bezukhov: Wait a minute…. seed pots are being returned to the Manor!

Cagney & Phineas rush to eat from the two pots I have put in the manor.  I get the third pot & whilst I am still holding it, Bezukhov jumps on before I have a chance to put it in the cage.

Quiet descends.

Apart from the cracking of seeds.

budgie seed 2

VeGducating Thomas: Beetroot

Continuing in the VeGducating Thomas series, I am happy to report that Thomas is also partial to a beetroot stalk.

I class beetroot as a hard-core vegetable.  It is a reddish, purple colour.  That alone puts it into the high-risk category.  I pegged an innocent, though scary-looking stalk in Thomas & Phinny’s cage & sat back to watch events unfold.  It did not take Thomas long to investigate this strange thing.  In fact, the brave boy went ahead & tasted it.  I believe he liked what he tasted.  Later on, when he was out & about, he discovered another piece on top of the cage & had to try that too.

This bravery was undertaken before seeing the others try it.  I was pretty impressed.

Phineas did have a brief lick but did not embrace the stalk like Thomas did.  It has been awhile since I have offered beetroot to Cagney & Bezukhov (see post All Things Pink) but once presented with the stalk I was pleased it did not take them too long to remember that they used to like sucking the juice out of it.


VeGducating Thomas: Cucumber

Continuing in the VeGducating Thomas series, I am happy to report that Thomas is also partial to cucumber.  I think it was a welcome vegetable during the recent hot weather we have had – nice & cool & fresh.

Thomas did have some help from Phineas, as you can see from these photos….