An exciting sighting

Last week, wild parrots came to our ‘back yard’!

Wild ring-necked parakeets have become increasingly common in the South East of England.  I first saw them in the summer, in a park about 5 miles away.  Being a tropical bird, they look somewhat out of place in England, particularly in urban areas.

Despite their increasing numbers, it was still a surprise to see bright, flashes of green whizz by the window.  Four ring-necked parakeets flew by, circled & landed on the tree directly opposite my window.  They were there long enough for me to take some photos & marvel in the first sighting of them so close to home.

They were later joined by a big, black bird that I initially thought was a crow but on checking the photos, decided it was likely a big blackbird.


How did Bezukhov, Dalai & the newbies react?  They noticed the flashes of green go past the window but otherwise just carried on with whatever they were doing, not grasping the rarity of the event!




We had a very brief storm this evening, followed by some even briefer sunshine, but it brought with it a beautiful double rainbow. 🙂

(Where was Phineas?  He was sadly locked in as I have been letting him & Bezukhov have separate out-of-cage times, due to Bezukhov not being well & also due to Phinny’s habit of irritating him).


The roof is on

It has been a few months since I posted on the building work out the back.  Construction work has continued & slowly the building is looking more habitable, particularly now the roof is on.

Bezukhov has been monitoring progress but has also had help from Cagney, though I suspect that ‘help’ was mostly nosiness, particularly when the workmen were roaming around the building site, in their high visibility vests.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

The big yellow crane

It has been some time since I posted on the building work out the back.  Since then, buildings have gone up in the left & centre of my view.  Trees were also cut down.  In the last couple of weeks, building work has recommenced on the right side of my lounge window.  This building looks to be higher than the others that have gone up.  So far the few trees in front remain but there is no guarantee they will stay.

There has been a very busy yellow crane moving things around.  Bezukhov & Thomas have been monitoring progress.  Cagney & Phineas have been letting Bezukhov & Thomas monitor progress whilst they do their own thing.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

The Big Blue Crane

Building work out the back has been steadily progressing Fencing for back gardens has gone up, along with paving stones.  All this work has been overseen by both Bezukhov & Cagney.

Whilst we were being distracted by the development of the back gardens, further along more work was being done behind the trees that are still standing.  However, it was difficult to avoid this building work on the day the big blue crane came.  This time the boys were a little overwhelmed to be shouting out orders to the workmen.