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Scarface Cagney

Yes, the toyboys have been fighting again. 

The major fights are only ever over the Puddings.  The usual scenario is that both couples have synchronised hanky-panky but when Cagney & Atilla finish, Cagney then wants to take on Raspy, regardless of whether her & Bezukhov have finished their rumpy-pumpying & regardless of whether Raspy actually wants to boogie-woogie with him. 

Bezukhov sometimes gets fed up of Cagney trying to get it on with his girl & this is the result…..

I present to you, Scarface Cagney:

Dat chick he's with – she like me.

Feng shuing the Manor

New arrangement

This weekend I spent some time rearranging some of the furniture in the Manor.  This is to help the puddings’ feet (see previous post on the vet visit).

Strangely, in the last few days, Atilla has spent less time on her ttmss swing & more on the wider perch in the far corner.  I am not sure if this is because she heard what Mr Vet said, or if her feet are more uncomfortable & she is making her own decision about where to sit.

Anyway, the main change I planned was to temporarily remove the ttmss swing! [Shock! Horror!]  Timing was critical if I wanted to keep my fingers intact.  Surprisingly, I managed to quietly remove it when Atilla was otherwise engaged on the Ferplast.  I felt quite pleased with myself!

Raspy eating grass

Atilla eating grass

Another wider wooden perch has been placed where the ttmss swing was & to make the transition easier, the triple mirror hangs beside it.

The swinging perch has also been moved from the loft area.  The perches on this are quite thin & Raspy spends a lot of time on it.  There is now a short, wide perch in its place.  So, at bedtime, there are now 3 swings & a perch to fight over.

Toyboys found the grass

Toyboys eating grass

In theory, the changes should not have taken long, however it took me about 2 hours to complete the job.  This is because both Atilla & Raspy wanted to chew my sleeves & my top at the same time.  Raspy also likes to “help” whenever I am unscrewing a perch.  In the end, it was getting a bit silly so I decided a distraction was called for.

The distraction was a small bunch of seeded grass, picked from my parents’ garden the previous day.  This was the first grass of the year & indeed the first time I have ever given the toyboys grass.  It is said never to work with children or animals.  It should really be, never work with budgies.  The distraction only worked for Raspy.  She was a clever girl & noticed the grass as soon as I brought it out & obviously remembered how tasty it was.  Ideally for her, the toyboys had no interest in it & Atilla was too busy burrowing into my sleeve.  Raspy was able to eat the grass at leisure.

The others cottoned onto the grass later on, when the Manor refurbishment had been completed.

Here is Raspy enjoying the grass before the others interrupted:

Poor thumb

Poor thumb the day after

In the meantime, I thought I would take some photos of the first grass of the season but Atilla made it clear to me that I am not allowed to hold the camera & if I do, my thumb will “get it”.  Sure enough, my thumb “got it”.  It had escaped a mauling from removing the ttmss swing but got caught with the camera!

The Bite is back!

Atilla has been relatively mellow, in the biting-sense, since the toyboys came on the scene.  However, last week I noticed her bites were getting a bit harder…

Every week I change the ttmss swing for a clean one (yes, I have two… one for play & one to wash).  The ttmss swing is Atilla’s swing.  Increasingly, I have had to find imaginative ways to swap them over before Atilla bombs over & puts my fingers in their rightful place (nowhere near HER swing).  This morning, because the swing was missing a perch, I thought I’d slip the perch on & change the swing for the clean one later on.  Anyway, Atilla saw me pick up the perch from the cage floor & was already out for blood…. MY blood!

Note: I thought she was territorial about the mirror on the swing so I did not anticipate a problem with handling only the perch!

You will see below the damage she did to my two fingers.  This was done in a matter of seconds & I am not exaggerating when I say the bites brought tears to my eyes.  My fingers were throbbing for some time afterwards!


The moral of the story?  Never underestimate a Pudding. 🙂

Upper Arm Pinch

The Upper Arm Pinch is a new game invented by Raspy.  Basically, she chews at my sleeve & pinches my upper arm skin at the same time.  Great idea, eh?!

Here she is, sitting on the arm of the chair, pinching away….

The animated version…..

The end result… Ouch!