Explanations of terms, acronyms & general weird things…

ttmss swing

This term is used widely in this blog & refers to the teeter-totter-mirror-see-saw swing. It is just a way to distinguish that particular swing from the other swings. The swing basically has two perches astride a double mirror. This quickly became a firm favourite of the Puddings due to the fact they could sit together….. yet apart… Over the years it has also been widely used by all members of the flock & is still in use today (though a newer version!)

the Ferplast

The Puddings first home was the Ferplast Rekord 6. When they moved into The Manor, the Ferplast was used as a home for others, e.g., Thomas, or a quarantine cage or a chill-out cage. It was upgraded to the Ferplast Piano 6.

The Manor

The Manor is “Montana Manor”, the Montana San Remo cage that the Puddings moved into in June 2009. It was eventually phased out & replaced with the Liberta Oregon.

the loft area

The loft area refers to the domed part of The Manor & was typically used as sleeping quarters.