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Bezukhov & the House Martins

This month we have been honoured to see aerial displays by house martins.  I reported on this before, some time ago, when Raspy was fascinated by them (click here).

It is a stunning display.  The birds swoop & dive in the space at the back of the flat, at times very close to our window.  You have to stop what you are doing to stop & stare.  Cagney & Bezukhov always watch them.  (Phinny is usually on ‘Planet Phineas’ so unless their acrobatics impact him directly he is not necessarily going to notice them!)

Bezukhov in particular was fascinated by the displays & made sure he had a front row seat (window perch).  You can see from the two photos below that I managed to capture blurry house martins as they whooshed past a transfixed Bezukhov.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

In this video, you can see how fast a house martin can fly.  Do not blink at 4 seconds into the video otherwise you will miss it!