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More rejection!

It seems that even Tweety-Pie rejects Phineas…..

Cagney does not return Phinny’s affections… apart from rare occasions.  Bezukhov gets annoyed with Phinny’s jealousy of his & Cagney’s friendship.  Now it seems Tweety-Pie has had enough of Phinny’s attention & decided to avoid him by swivelling so he was face down.  Tweety-Pie could not have given a more obvious sign of his weariness!

Phinny expressed his disappointment by having a tantrum.

Poor Phineas!




Toyboy time

When left to their own devices, i.e., when Phineas is locked up in his own cage, Cagney & Bezukhov still like to run around together.  They are great mates.  They also have their “bonding” moments.  I love to see them head bopping, beak tapping & getting excited.  Phineas does not allow them to do this so I try to allow them some quality toyboy time each day to remind themselves of their affection for each other.