Poor spider plant

Further to my post on “Cagney & the Spider Plants“, the two boys have really got the taste of the plant.  Now, when it goes quiet I look for the boys on top of the cabinet & often I will see them both there, chewing away.  I tell them they are naughty little boys.  I get them to step up & move them away but as soon as my back is turned, they just fly back.  My poor spider plant…

Bad Boy Cagney

Cagney just does not read the signs, take a hint, or take “No” for an answer.

Here he is trying to engage Raspy in a conversation but she is just not interested! 

Here he is, “pushing his luck”, not realising that Atilla just wants to chill out:  (It is possible Atilla may have hurt her wing in that little impromptu scuffle).

Atilla is very tolerant of Cagney.  As for Raspy, I am surprised she has not given him a thump yet!