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Hard headrest

Recently, Lennie has been using the lantern mirror as a headrest.  It does not look terribly comfortable to me but he seems content with it.


When he’s not in a snoozing mood, he likes to play with the beads attached to the mirror:


It is a well-liked mirror & both Lennie & Perry enjoy a chat with it too.


String of beads

Phineas has a very short attention span.  However, the other day I saw him spend quite a long time (minutes!) playing with the string of beads on the swinging perch.

The string of beads is appreciated by both Cagney & Bezukhov, so it looks like it has another fan in Phineas.

His dedication reminded me of the way Atilla used to wrestle with her mirror, although that used to go on for hours rather than minutes.

A beady mirror

The lantern mirror has always been popular in this household.  Since Atilla kindly removed the clapper off the bell & I later removed the bell, the mirror has undergone some transformations.  Here is the latest, adorned with paper rope & little beads:


And here are Phineas & Thomas checking it out:


More refurbishments

Following on from the post “Swing refurbishment“, I recently did the second swing. 

The main difference with this one is that I threaded on a lattice ball that can rotate. I also reused some beads from another toy & dangled them from both sides of the perch.

Once again, Cagney seems to like the swing best & chews at all the different textures.

Swing refurbishment

The other day I decided to do something about two of the wooden swings.  I was not happy about the exposed metal part so that was the main reason for taking them apart.  

The swings were more or less like the picture below.  The main difference is that they did not have so many wooden blocks so the top arc of the swing had exposed metal.  I did not like the string as it looked a bit dangerous so I replaced that with leather strips before introducing the swings to the puddings (pre-toyboys).

The first thing I did was prise the wire out of the bottom wooden perch so I could remove the wooden blocks.

After giving the swing & all the pieces a wash, I gathered all the possible pieces I could use to refurbish it.

I decided to use plastic straws as the main way to cover the metal.  I threaded on cut up pieces of straw (using the bendy part to go around corners!), beads & the wooden blocks.  In-between pieces, I tied leather strips & strips of colourful shredder.  I used a plastic disc with holes to hang it on a plastic shower curtain ring.  

[I like the shower curtain rings as they hook so easily over the bars yet the hook itself is quite deep so if there is a lot of swinging going on, it still will not fall off the bars.]

Here is the end result.

When I popped the swing back in the Manor, there was a little ripple of “Oooh… something new & scary!” & Bezukhov had to go to the far side of the Manor for safety. However, it did not take long for them to give it a poke in passing & now it seems it is Cagney’s preferred swing to lounge about on.  I often see him messing about with the different textures on either side.  🙂