Sleeping beauties

Since Atilla has been poorly with her lump, its complications & the moult, & Cagney has been upset with his gammy leg, there has been more sleeping during the daytime.  Bezukhov likes a decent nap now & then so usually joins them.

Here are photos of them… they are snoozing & they are beautiful…

A stunning blow (3 of 3)

On returning from the vets, Raspy got rapidly worse.  It was alarming.  As she was struggling to stay on the perch, I held her in my hands, close to my chest.  She was still straining.  I tried to administer painkiller but she would not open her beak.

For the next hour I just held her & told her she was my beautiful little girl & that we all loved her.  Strangely, you could hear a pin drop.  The boys were completely quiet.  No mean feat for them.  I paced the room, holding Raspy, trying to keep her warm & comfortable.  After about an hour of this, she gave a twitch of her shoulders & that was it.  My beautiful baby was gone.

About 5 minutes after she passed, the toyboys started tweeting again.

I carried on holding her for another hour, unable to let her go.

She was so soft & so beautiful.


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