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Remembering Raspy on her birthday

Happy birthday my beautiful girl.

Here is a video of Raspy engaged in one of her favourite activities – biting my fingers:


Always in our thoughts.




Shake hands with your Uncle Mike

Phineas demonstrating how to “Shake hands with your Uncle Mike“….

… with a tiny bit of biting thrown in for good measure. 🙂

More blood spilt!

20130602_131820_sh21Fortunately, on this occasion, the blood spilt was mine!  (Not fortunately for me of course, but I would rather “take the bullet” than any feathered kid.)

Phineas can sometimes get a bit over-excited & starts to bite.  I am still seeking a cure for this, but in the meantime, when he is in biting mood, I try to remove my thumb from the equation.

20130603_154842_sh21The wound was quite bad but to be fair to Phinny, there was probably a little broken skin already & he pounced on that & was able to do maximum damage.  It would not stop bleeding so I resorted to putting a plaster on it which Phineas kept trying to pull off!

Unconventional taming method

Phineas has always been a bit wary & suspicious of me.  If I was very careful & very slow, he would eat millet from my hand… sometimes.  Since joining the toyboys in the same room he has relaxed a lot more.  When I put my finger between the bars of the cage he stopped running away & gradually plucked up courage to peck.  He found he really liked biting & chewing this soft, wriggly thing!

I decided to work on his liking for chewing fingers as the millet did not seem enough to tempt him.  I started putting my hand in the cage & twiddling my fingers enticingly.  He soon discovered that a hand can be fun – fingers to chew & bite, fingernails to talk to & a nice bouncy surface.  We would have bonding, biting sessions!

I would not recommend this method to others but it works quite well for me as my leathery fingers have already been toughened up by Pudding bites.  😀

Here is Phinny in action:

Remembering Raspy: Biting

When Raspy was in the mood, she had a killer bite. 

During her “teens” she went through a biting phase.  When I say “biting” I mean the kind that really hurts!  It can break skin, or if it does not, it will leave a dent & this can also happen through clothing.  I tried several methods to stop her from biting:

Raise finger & tap bird on the beak & say “No” firmly

  • To Raspy, a raised finger just meant an opportunity to bite was being handed to her on a plate.

Make hand/wrist go floppy so bird falls off

  • Raspy just clung on, with her beak digging deeper into my finger…

Gently blow on the back of bird’s head

  • The first time I did this Raspy did not react.  Perhaps I was not blowing hard enough or near enough?   I pursed my lips & moved in to blow on the back of her head again when Madam Raspy turned & bit me on the lip!  Yes, drawing blood!

Put the bird back in the cage, i.e., stop interacting with the bird

  • I would do this, but Raspy would just come out the cage a few seconds later & pick up where she left off.

Be firm

  • One time I was getting annoyed with her for biting so much so I shouted, “THAT’S IT, I AM NOT PLAYING WITH YOU ANYMORE!”  I then left her at the cage & stomped off back to my computer.  As soon as I sat down, she flew directly to me, landed on my head, stopped for a few seconds, then flew back to the cage.  If that was not Raspy having the last word then I’ll eat a pot of avian seaweed!  That was the first & last time she ever did that.  I cannot say it was the last time she was biting though!

In the end, I gave up trying to be the boss of Raspy & decided to be grateful she wanted to be close enough to me to bite. From then on, when she was in a biting mood I would start twiddling my fingers & then it turned into a game, albeit a slightly painful one for me!

Here are a couple of my favourite videos of Raspy in biting mood….She looks really happy to me!