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How to keep a budgie or budgies quiet?

Give them LOADS of wild grass!

Atilla is often the exception – as you can tell in this video – as she is making quite a bit of noise bashing the camera…

But even Atilla is quiet here, busy eating along with Cagney & Bezukhov…

The Ladder of Grass

Atilla & the toyboys have been tucking into their wild grass treat.  I have been pegging it to a swinging perch & propping it up on the landing platform so it was very much like a ladder of grass.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Here they are munching on the grass:

Atilla was checking out the camera:

Atilla finally left the camera to eat some grass too:

Moulting & filming

To add to all of Atilla’s health troubles, she is now moulting.  She is shedding feathers left, right & centre.  She also has loads of pin feathers, particularly on her belly, above her legs & under her wings.  Her face also looks a little “ragged”.  She normally looks so well groomed, so I know she must be feeling bad.  In fact, the last few days she has moved away from her purple lantern mirror to sit on the (mirror-less) perch the other side of the Manor.  I wonder if that is because she does not want to catch sight of her reflection…


(Click on pictures to enlarge)

I took this video to show her chewing the toy but predictably she stopped chewing the toy, but did have a stretch, revealing all her pin feathers.  Then she made her way out to investigate the camera. 

Whilst investigating the camera, she managed to take this little film of Cagney….

Talk to the fingernail

Bezukhov talks to the fingernail then flies to the camera much like his girlfriend Raspy used to….

Carry on cucumber

Here is a video of Bezukhov eating the middle of the cucumber.  Cagney was eating it too but had to join Atilla at the camera.  Bezukhov carries on eating the cucumber….
In this video, Bezukhov carries on eating the cucumber…. that is, until Cagney takes over….

Remembering Raspy: Up close

From early on, Raspy was fascinated with the shiny, silver camera.  This made it difficult taking photos or film as she was usually on top of it or had her face in the lens.  Atilla also loves the camera & it did cause the odd “disagreement” between the sisters as both seemed to think it was their own property.  It did not occur to either of them that it was Mama’s property!

Often, when at the point of pressing the shutter, thinking I would have a great shot of Atilla…. Raspy’s head would appear…. or her tail…. Here are a selection of typical Raspy photos:

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And here is a typical video, particularly the ending! 

Round & around the egg dish

Why is it that feathered kids (fids) go round & around a food dish when the food inside is the same?  Does it taste different from the other side?  I am guessing it is a case of the grass being greener on the other side, i.e., the egg being nicer on the other side.  Budgies sure don’t like to miss out on anything!

Here is a short video of the toyboys going round & around the egg dish:

Here is Atilla joining the toyboys…. clearly she needed to approve of both the egg dish AND the camera.

PS. I was not completely sure of the use of the words “round” & “around” so I have used both to cover all bases. 🙂

Enjoying fennel

Fennel is still popular here.  The toyboys really enjoy it so I thought I would film them eating it.  

My first attempt did not work well.  Cagney decided not to stay still.  Atilla saw the camera so was up & about whilst Raspy sat ON the camera.  Bezukhov gamely tried eating the fennel but he probably got a bit of indigestion with all the comings & goings.

The second attempt was a little better.  Here are Cagney & Bezuky chomping away at the window.

Seeing the way they heartily eat the fennel always makes me think that I should do the same & be satisfied with a piece of raw fennel for my dinner!