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It’s raining cauliflower!

If you watch the video below closely, you will see it is raining cauliflower.   The toyboys occasionally go to the bottom of the Manor & eat poop.  I know…. urgh!  Anyway, this time they had to dodge the cauliflower hailstones….

And here is the culprit throwing the nuggets of cauliflower all over the place!

Broccoli Vs Cauliflower

What would you put your money on?  I would have gone for broccoli.  Every time.


I would have lost.

Yes, it appears CAULIFLOWER is a hit!!  A surprise hit!

In the past, I have presented the puddings with cauliflower & though they have not been scared of it they have barely managed a little nibble now & then.  It really did not light their fire.  I expected the toyboys to also give it a lukewarm reception.

I mixed up some tips of broccoli with cauliflower & left it out in the dish.  I thought they would eat the broccoli at least.  Here is how it looked before they tucked in:

Broccoli and cauliflower

When I took their dish away, I was surprised to see only green…. where were the white bits?!

Broccoli and.... broccoli!

The boys had picked out all the cauliflower!  Here is a video showing them doing just that…. followed by a lesson from Atilla on how to steal the limelight!