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Chowing down on celery

Despite not being well, Thomas is still enjoying his vegetables.  The VeGducating Thomas series shows that celery is a vegetable that has already been approved.  One day I had some celery with the leaves for a misting.  Thomas was not too concerned about the misting but was very keen on chowing down on the celery.

VeGducating Thomas: Celery

In the VeGducating Thomas series, I have been reporting on the vegetables that Thomas has been introduced to.  He has been very good at trying things, though it helps having someone else eating the vegetable to prove it is not a killer.

Here is evidence of Thomas finding out, with Phinny’s help, that celery does not bite:

Shredded vegetables

Atilla is in “shredding vegetables” mood.  You will see by the photos that the celery and the broccoli really did not have a chance….

Oh, & I was covered in the stuff as she was shredding and chucking.  It was down my top, in my sleeves & over my hair & no doubt I will find some rotting behind a cupboard the other side of the room...


For some time now, I have wanted to get Atilla, Cagney & Bezukhov bathing on film.  

They have not got into baths, so their preferred form of bathing is being sprayed with water whilst they can romp about in some green leaves.  It is a bit awkward holding the misting bottle, keeping up the spraying & also filming at the same time however, I finally managed to get some good footage. 🙂

First up was Atilla.  Here she is, quite frankly, going a bit mental.  Woe betide anyone in Atilla’s way when it is misting time!  

Next up was Bezukhov.  He had a few goes.  His style is less frantic than Atilla’s.  He is more contained but there is a lot of wobbling, shaking & tipping over.

Cagney had been quite keen with mistings recently, but this time he took his time getting into it.  Nevertheless, I managed to get a few seconds of him on his belly, with his wings out, virtually crawling through the celery.  Yet again, another style of bathing.

Then Bezukhov wanted another jiggle in the celery. 🙂

Clean Cagney & the celery

The last few days I have given the puddings & toyboys a couple of mistings with the chance to roll about in celery leaves. 

Surprisingly, Cagney got very wet!  Like a time before, he was laying across the celery with his wings stretched out, catching all the water, only this time he took his time & frolicked a little longer & came away looking quite wet. 🙂

Bezukhov also had a little prance in the celery.  Raspy, got very wet.  I think she really appreciated it with the tough moult she is going through.  Atilla is the queen of rolling in wet vegetable leaves.  (Cagney has a good teacher.)

They enjoyed eating the celery too. 🙂

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