Introduction: Stages 6a, 6b, 6c

Previously I posted on stages 4-5.

Stage 6 can be summarised as “Chaos” but I have broken this down into more manageable sections:

Stage 6a: Finding the door.

This stage is the nerve-wracking time when the Meetee’s cage door is opened for entrance into the shared flying space.  Phineas has had some difficulty finding the door, even though there were conveniently placed perches both inside & outside.  He has spent many an hour manically pacing up & down, right past the open door, not noticing (or choosing not to notice??) it was open.  The only way to encourage him out was to use a Meeter as bait, in this case, Cagney.

Cagney would sit on the perch outside the door (or the plant pot stand, tactically positioned in full view of the open door) & eventually there would be some beak-fencing until Phineas finally stumbled out into the big, wide space of the lounge.  Then onto the next part….

Stage 6b: Mad flying.

In Phinny’s case, his flying was not really “mad”.  He was actually quite controlled from the beginning.  The madness aspect was really where he was working out where to fly & more importantly, where to land.  His flying was pretty good & he stayed at mid-level rather than landing up at the ceiling.  He also managed a bit of hovering that proved useful when working out where to land.  Of course it was handy for him to follow the toyboys.  He mastered landing on the Manor quite quickly, followed by his cage & the playgym.  He has struggled with landing on the window perches, managing to do it today for the first time, after a rather acrobatic near miss where he landed but failed to apply the breaks & was left hanging upside down, though only for a few seconds before he flew off again.  Once this stage was sufficiently broken he could concentrate on the next part….

Stage 6c: Catching up with the Meeters.

In Phinny’s case, “the Meeters” means Cagney.  He appears to have a soft spot for Cagney although this is probably because Cagney has been the most sociable.  Bezukhov has been far more cautious.  The simple way to catch up with Cagney is to fly to him.  The problem is that Cagney keeps flying away.  Cue mad chasing around the room.  Bezukhov tends to fly with Cagney so there are 3 of them tearing around at the same time, with Phinny supplying some creative landings like forward rolls across the Manor landing platform landing on the inside perch.

At intervals, they are all so worn out that they briefly call a truce to catch their breath.  At this point, I have managed to get Phineas back into his cage, or have locked the toyboys in the manor, to give them all time to rest & reflect on what has happened.  (Well, perhaps Bezukhov would do some “reflecting”….)

To be continued…..

Phineas finding the door:

Flying about: