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Christmas banner 2019!

I am very proud to report that both Perry & Lennie feature on the Christmas banner of a budgerigars forum, alongside our dearly departed Phineas.

The competition was tough so it was an honour to win.  Here is the winning entry:

Christmas banner 2019


You can see it features 8 festive & feathery reindeers.

From left to right we have Phineas, Perry, Lennie/Rudolph, Bimbo, & feathered fiends’  Monty, Roswell, JoJo & Snowy.

The banner can be seen in situ here: http://budgerigarsforum.proboards.com/ over the Christmas period.  Do take a look & have a browse around the friendly & informative forum🙂

Remembering Bezukhov this Christmas

This is our first Christmas without Bezukhov.

Please join me in a reflective journey over the 8 Christmases we shared.  I have selected some photos taken during December of those years……




Cagney & Bezukhov













Hoping you are having a wonderful time over at Rainbow Bridge with your best mate Cagney, girlfriend Raspy, leader Atilla & friends Thomas & Phineas.


Remembering Phineas at Christmas

This time last year, I posted about our first Christmas without Cagney.  This year, we face Christmas without Phineas.




In the photo above, the perch he is sitting on is still in the same place in the Villa, in the front doorway.  In fact all is how he left it, so I can easily picture him in all perching spots.  This particular spot reminds me of a specific occasion last summer.

I was out all day & came home after their bedtime.  Bezukhov, Phineas & Dalai were in bedtime positions in the Villa, but because my sitter was still there they were not locked up & their front door was still open.  When Phineas saw me, he sleepily got off his swing & made his way to that perch.  I approached & held my hand out to him.  He regurgitated to my finger.  It was only a quiet, brief session as he was tired, but it made me feel so loved, missed & needed.  That little action by my beautiful little grey man seemed to say, “Where have you been today?  I have missed you.  Here’s some regurgitated seed I have been saving for you.  Glad you are back home.  I’m going back to bed now I have seen you.

So, this Christmas (& every day in fact) I am thinking of Phineas.  I am also thinking of Cagney & hoping they are having fun together over by rainbow bridge with Atilla, Raspy & Thomas.





Remembering Cagney at Christmas

I never thought we would be spending this Christmas without Cagney.




It is not difficult to think of him all the time.  I only have to see Bezukhov & automatically think of Cagney.  They were best buddies; I cannot separate one from the other in my mind.  Hopefully Cagney is with Atilla.  Here, Bezukhov is left with Phineas & myself.  Neither of us are any substitute for Cagney.  Phinny certainly provides Bezukhov with a challenging distraction.  I like to think Bezukhov knows I have his back.  Perhaps between myself & Phinny, we are enough to keep Bezukhov content.

In the meantime, I am taking this opportunity to look at a lovely picture of a calm, contented & sleepy Cagney & remember what a charming, naughty, caring & beautiful boy he was.




Christmas banner!

I am very proud to report that Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas feature on the Christmas banner of a budgerigars forum!

The competition was very tough so it was an honour to win.  Here is the winning entry:



From left to right we have Custard, Bezukhov, Cagney, George & Phineas.  It is thought that Phineas wrote the letter to Santa & yes, he does need some skooling…

The banner can be seen in situ here: http://budgerigarsforum.proboards.com/ until the 27th December 2015.  Do take a look & have a browse around the friendly & informative forum. 🙂


A shimmy, a shake & shiny paper

In the lead up to Christmas, a parcel arrived addressed to Bezukhov, Cagney & Atilla.  Inside was a present, wrapped up in lovely shiny paper!  It was such a surprise.  Their fans, Ian & Marshall were so kind to send them a gift to cheer them up after the horrible times they have had.  The mission was definitely accomplished & that was even without opening the present!

Come Christmas day though & the shiny wrapping paper was torn off, to reveal a lovely big bag of dried grasses!!!  Ho ho ho!!  Thank you Ian & Marshall. 🙂

As it has been some time since they have had wild grass, I thought I would break them into it gently.  Being as Atilla is the leader & likes to give her approval (or disapproval) first, I offered her a small piece first.  The video below shows her trying it & we have the contrast between her wanting to eat the seeds yet having difficulty overcoming the “texture” & having to shimmy & shake during the approval process.

I think we can say the grass passed the test. 🙂