Clapperless bell

The green lantern mirror was not able to withstand Atilla’s vigorous workout & the bell lost its clapper.  She did the same with the purple mirror.  I took the green lantern mirror out for repairs & got a bite on my finger for my trouble.  On returning it, the clapper lasted one morning before I found it laying at the bottom of the Manor, & Atilla with a smug, defiant look on her face. 

I have not replaced the clapper.

Claws out for the clapper

Every so often, Atilla goes a bit mad with a toy.  Just recently the lantern mirror has been bearing the brunt of her “playfulness”.

Here she is having a tussle with the purple mirror: BTW, the empty vegetable spear did have vegetables but she tore them all off!

Here is the end result of all the wrestling  ===>

The purple mirror/bell & disconnected clapper have now been sent away to the Budgie Toy Rehab Centre for some much needed rest, relaxation & repairs.  It may well be followed by the green mirror which is now suffering at the beak & claws of Atilla…..