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Every day I change the paper at the bottom of their cages.  I usually put down 7 sheets of newspaper & then each day remove the top sheet leaving a nice clean sheet ready for fresh poops. Because I also like to clean other bits of the cage, I tend to do this at some point during the day when the cage is vacated.

This particular day was no different… or so I thought.   Phineas was out & about, busy keeping his eye on his beloved Cagney in the Manor.  I removed the top sheet in his cage as usual.  Wiped a couple of perches & adjusted a toy, then went about my usual business.

Not long after, Phineas wanted to regurgitate to my finger so he jumped on the perch on the outside of his cage & proceeded to regurgitate to my readily available finger.  So far so good.  Then he glanced in the cage.  Oh my!  He did a double take!  What is THAT?!!!!  He looked unnerved & flew off!  It was then that I noticed the rather scary looking paper on the bottom of his cage!

Perhaps he would not want to return to his cage?!  To make sure there would not be a problem I removed the offending paper & slid it under another sheet.  I was curious though.  Did Phinny really looked shocked or did I exaggerate his reaction in my mind?  A couple of days later, when the scary sheet of paper came to the top again, I decided to leave it there & see what happened.

Well….. Phinny reacted the same way!!!  It made sense really.  I mean, I do not think that even I would like to share a cage with something so scary, even if it was made out of paper.  This time I got rid of that sheet of paper completely.




Sitting Target

Well I wasn’t sitting…… but I was a target.

There I was, routinely cleaning the bottom of the manor, bent over at their main door, concentrating on what I was doing, when I felt a soft, warm thud on my arm…….

Yes, Atilla had gone onto the landing platform overhead & very kindly pooped onto my arm.

Thank you dear.

Could have been worse…. could have been in my hair.

Remembering Raspy: Helping out

Whilst rearranging the furniture in the Manor the other day, I recalled how Raspy would always want to “help“.

She was fascinated with how perches were connected to the Manor bars & if I started to unscrew something she was there in seconds, either perched on my fingers doing the twirling or on the perch I was attempting to remove.

When I cleaned the Manor bars with a cloth, both Raspy & Atilla would be wanting to chew it as I moved it up & down, left & right.  Atilla still likes to do this.

When changing the Manor bottom papers, my head would be in their large front door, wiping around & cleaning.  Raspy was always first to position herself so she could pull at & chew my hair.  She would also climb onto my back as I was bent over.

It would take forever to clean or change anything!

The puddings have always taken personal interest in every change, however small, that I have made to their environment.  In contrast, I have noticed that the toyboys leave me to the cleaning & rearranging & do not interfere at all.  In fact, they will often go off & sit on the window perch & wait for the maid to finish.  If Atilla is not out busy chewing the chair, then she will stay put in the Manor to check progress & occasionally sit on the outside perch where she is able to reach across & pull my hair & then remind me of her ‘helpful’ little sister….

Slummin’ it

Confession time!  I forgot to buy the usual broadsheet for their bottom paper so Atilla, Cagney & Bezukhov have the indignity of the tabloids

Normally, I cut up The Telegraph, for the simple reason it is the newspaper that best fits the Manor floor.  However, they are currently having to survive with The Daily Mail.

To ease things for them (Atilla, in particular), I have promised I will not take photographs or video of the Manor floor until the more upmarket broadsheet has been reinstated….