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The Big Corn

When I give the boys corn, it is usually baby corn.  It has been some time but I decided to treat them to ‘proper’ corn.  A big chunk of sweet corn with juicy nuggets for them to get their beaks into.

My memory fails me as to whether Phineas has actually had the big corn before.  If he has, it was a long time ago & there is no record of it!  The last blog post on the proper corn was Juicy Corn, that shows Cagney & Bezukhov tucking in.

After the initial shock of seeing a big, bright yellowy ‘thing’ on the landing platform, Phineas took a brief swipe at it as he passed.  He must have got the taste of it as it did not take long for him to tuck in.  Then it seemed he could not pass by without indulging in some.

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Broccoli or corn?

Broccoli or corn?  That is the question.  It is a tough life being a budgie.  A word of advice though…. if in doubt, have both…..

Broccoli for me!

Bezukhov: Hmm... Broccoli or corn? Corn or broccoli?

Bezukhov: I'll have broccoli too

No... I'll have corn....

Ah no... it has to be broccoli....