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Morning Moriarty

How I love to see Moriarty greet me in the morning.

When he hears me enter the room, if it is not too early, he will jump to the mid-height perch at the front of the cage and peer under the cover at me.  I open the blinds, lift the covers a bit, then put my face up to him to say ‘Good Morning, Sweet Pie’…. taking care not to get my nostrils in biting distance!

Morning Moriarty

Morning Moriarty


Going undercover

As part of their “winding down for bedtime” routine, I put a small cover over the back of the toyboys’ loft area.  Often Phineas is still out & about.

One time, when I came back into the room, I could not see Phineas anywhere, but then noticed a mysterious bump under the cover.

Where’s Phinny??

Hmm…. when I looked closer, there he was, settled underneath.



In the old days, when I used to have to catch him to put him to bed, he would hide under the cover.  Nowadays he likes going in & out just for the hell of it.  Unlike the toyboys, he does not link the cover with “time for bed”.  Actually…. I think he does get the link but pretends not to get it…..


Update: Just found this picture!



Cover for travel cage

There have unfortunately been a few vet trips in the last year.  To get puddings or toyboys to the vet I use the small cage.  It fits into a plastic box that I carry instead of the cage as I am paranoid the bottom will fall off.  I have always been concerned about them catching a chill or a draught when taking them to & from the car.  Once in the vet’s it takes ages for me to peel off all the layers to reveal the cage underneath.

Anyway, I decided to make a close fitting cover for the travel cage to help shield its occupant from the elements. 

I used a pink & green towel that I never liked & had been sitting in the back of the cupboard for awhile.  To add a bit of stiffness, I covered the green strips with a matching material that was black, white & pink with, appropriately, birds on!  After a little effort & trying to work out how to incorporate the cage handle, I came up with the following:

New custom cage cover

Opening front of cover

Top of cover showing cage handle

I am hoping I will never have to use it….. or if I do, it will not be for a long time….

Under the folding cage

A few weeks ago, I thought it was time to introduce the Puddings & Toyboys to the new folding cage.  I set it up & moved it to the middle of the room.  The toyboys whizzed around the room, avoiding the new cage.  So, who was the first to investigate?  Yes, a pudding…. it was Raspy.  Though to be accurate, she was not that interested in the cage itself, but more what was on the shelf underneath…..

Here she is beside the new cage but clearly wanting to go back to the shelf underneath to carry on chewing the bedtime cover….

She spent ages that day running around that shelf…. 

My Chu Chu Bella