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The sad return of Cagney

As with those before him (Raspy, Atilla & Thomas), Cagney was sent for cremation & returned on the 29th September.  His remains now sit with the others, in particular next to Atilla.

A few days after his passing, I received a very nice sympathy card from Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV).  The card did not just have a few words in, she wrote all over the inside. It was very thoughtful of her, and appreciated.  The card sits beside Cagney, along with another remembrance card from the vets with wildflower seeds that can be planted.


Sad return to the fold

Thomas was returned to us from the crematorium two days ago, on Friday.  This is always a difficult time.  It does not get any easier & I doubt it ever will.  However, having him back with us, his friends & family who loved him, feels right.

As I did for Raspy & Atilla, I will be making a more appropriate “home” for Thomas, a soft cushion/pillow, that will reflect a little of his personality, instead of the current bland, albeit tasteful, bamboo pouch.

Be still

Remembering Raspy on her birthday

Raspy would have been 4 years old today.

I think of her every day.

A warning: some people may think this post is a little morbid & to them I apologise.  Not so long ago, I would have thought the subject matter morbid too, but in reality, I actually have some comfort having Raspy still close.

Raspy was cremated.  Her remains have been in a small pouch in a little wooden casket.  Each night I touch the casket as I say goodnight to her.  Each night I have thought it does not seem right that something hard & rigid represents her.  Today, I finally got around to making a slightly better “home” for her.  This is only stage 1.  Here is what I have done so far:

The yellow velvet pillow will just be the inner part.  Stage 2 will be constructing the cover.  I just want something soft & gentle to stroke when I say goodnight to her.  Velvet seems an appropriate material to use as, on the rare occasions when I had the opportunity to touch her feathers, she felt like velvet – soft, smooth & silky.  Raspy was my beautiful girl.  She needs a fitting memorial.